Minivan converted to steal gas in Florida

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Al.Fisherman, Feb 24, 2012.

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    Now that's sticking it too the man! LOL!
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    Don't you love how the Cops were slick enough to catch this, but to stupid to turn the pump off... So long as the keep creating Detectives, I'll never be shocked at what happens.
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    to stupid to turn what pump off?
    they were sucking diesel fuel out of the underground storage tank, through the pipe in the ground that goes directly into the storage tank.
    park the van over the pipe, pop the lid off, unscrew the cap, drop a hose into the big undergrund tank and turn on the pump inside the van to suck up fuel
    Now that's American Inginuity at work right there!

    I also love how they kept referring to the diesel fuel as "gas".
    also, one guy said that he was glad that the spilled fuel went into a sewer!
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    You can bet your but that just having this story aired on the news is going to spark at least a few more people trying it.