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    Hello MBc!

    Jim here from Mpls metro liking what I've
    Seen here so far. What brings me here is
    Several years ago I wanted to put together
    A mototbike but got side tracked. I've always
    Liked the looks of the old ones, Indian, harleys
    Etc, and thats how I found MBc. Searching for
    A straight bar cruiser as someone had asked the
    Question about an Indian or similar frame.
    Thanks for the great forum.

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    Welcome to the forum. Maybe you could start with a steel beach cruiser and modify it to taste.
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    I came across the Nirve B1 that might work if it's big enough. Thank you for the suggestion.
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    I am out of St paul hey!

    I wanted to post some research I did on legal stuff pertaining to mn so here is my wall of text...

    I joined to post some of the research that I have done so I will throw all the info I found in one post on the mn topic. I have not seen this stuff referred to but as far as I can tell Motorized bikes are legal and not required to register in mn. There is a light requirement but the referance in statute is to a provision stating that motorcycle lights must stay on. Anyway here we go and I would love to see feedback since I wonder why no one else found this info and insists on refering to thier builds as mopeds when there is a specific motorized bike statute in mn. Bottom line is that the pertinant info is under the motorized bicycle statute last updated in 2009

    http://www.house.leg.state.mn.us/hrd/pubs/scooter.pdf THis is a legislative research paper from 2004

    From the article- Motorized bicycles must be registered and licensed at an annual tax of $6. No title is required. They may be operated on streets and highways if registered, but the operator needs either a driver's license or a motorized bicycle operator permit. They may not be operated on a sidewalk except to cross it. The vehicle must have a headlight and, if operated at night, a taillight. If the vehicle is an electric-assisted bicycle an operator must wear a helmet when riding on a street or highway; if it is a motorized bicycle a helmet is required only up to age 18. Operators of motorized bicycles must wear eye protection but operators of electric-assisted bicycles need not do so. Headlights and taillights are required for nighttime operation.

    Alright so that previous post was a legislative research in 2004 before the voluntary bicycle registration program was cancelled.

    Below is the current motorized bicycle law. TO me this tells me that no registration is possible since they canceled the bicycle registration program and it seems pretty straight forward, eye protection is the only requirement over 18 and only on roads for the most part. However the lighting for night operation has to be motorcycle worthy.

    Motorized bicycle - IF you are looking for something to print out this would be it


    Lighting ( only at night)-

    After persueing the different referances that is not as clear.

    In the end though there is a specific section about using the motorized bike and it doesn't have to be registered though you do have to have a license.

    In the statute about Motorized Bicycles it says-

    Subdivision 1.Safety equipment; parking.Except as otherwise provided in this section, section 169.974 relating to motorcycles is applicable to motorized bicycles


    (2) a motorized bicycle equipped with a headlight and taillight meeting the requirements of lighting for motorcycles may be operated during nighttime hours;

    Subd. 4.Headlight requirement.The provisions of section 169.974, subdivision 5, paragraph (i), apply to motorized bicycles that are equipped with headlights. After June 1, 1987, a new motorized bicycle sold or offered for sale in Minnesota must be equipped with a headlight.

    So basically if you want to run at night it must be a headlight and tail corresponding to the provision of section 169.974 subdivision 5 paragraph(i)

    that provision states-

    No person shall operate a motorcycle on a street or highway unless the headlight or headlights are lighted at all times the motorcycle is so operated. There is nothing in the provision reffered to in the motorized bicycle statute that talks about turn signals, high/low beams. ( those things would be needed if you wanted to register but you don't have to according to the 2009 statute... If you go to the DMV and ask how to register as a moped they would be right to tell you you need those things but what they are leaving out is that you are not required to register according to the statute as I read it.)

    So in my mind if you rolled with a lamp and tail light that stay on at all times for night riding you are good...

    If I was rolling just in my hometown (st paul) then I would keep the two laws refering to each other and you should be all good. Now someone could make the argument that it has to have highs and lows and all that, but my position would be if that is what they ment then the refered to statute would state that as a requirement. Furthermore it is not required for a motorcycle to have blinkers anyway.

    To wrap up, we are lucky.

    We have a specific statute that states that no registration is required for a motorized bicycle under 50cc gas or electric. That means we can have gears.
    ("Motorized bicycle" means a bicycle that is propelled by an electric or a liquid fuel motor of a piston displacement capacity of 50 cubic centimeters or less, and a maximum of two brake horsepower, which is capable of a maximum speed of not more than 30 miles per hour on a flat surface with not more than one percent grade in any direction when the motor is engaged. "Motorized bicycle" includes an electric-assisted bicycle as defined in subdivision 27.

    If you are over 18 then you have to wear eye protection,operate on public roads up to 30mph, if you want to run at night you have to have a head and tail light that is always on. ( someone may try to say it has to be as good as a motorcycle but I would want to see some proof of that in the legislation.I if they wanted brake lights and turn signals they would have stated that. Instead of refering to the always on provision)

    my 2cents along with the links. Too bad I take my bike traveling and so I can't be as sure in other states. NOw if I could register it then I could go to other states and say well it is registered but I can't and at this point the less they get involved the better. THe whole point is keeping costs down. I like electric but without compitition the prices are gonna stay too high and i am on my third controller on my electric bike cause the water screws it up. Gas is more reliable.

    I would appreciate any feed back on this and I will be posting this in other relevant threads.
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