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    A few days ago I was running my bike and suddenly the chain got out, try to mount but I noticed that was bent I put a new one, I look from the back to see if the chain align with the sprocket and was misaligned,check around to see what was wrong,and imagine what I found?"the frame broke"I leave two pictures so you can see where it broke and advise me which is the best way to weld this area and Thanks.:(

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    That looks like an alloy frame. Best bet is to go to a welder/engineer/boilermaker and offer them beer to weld your frame!

    If it's steel then yes get your electric welder onto it.
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    It is a steel frame. Clean off all the paint, at least one half inch back on either side of the crack, all around and weld it. Do bear in mind that the factory weld did not fail here. The actual drop out failed just slightly under the factory weld. Keep an eye out for this as I bet it will happen again.
    I recommend transplanting the engine kit to a stronger frame and using the current frame as yard art.

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    Thank's boy already fixed, take it to muffler shop and he made ​​a motor mount for the engine so that does not vibrate much until now has so far supported the weld.

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