Misc. Factory Sprockets For Sale

Hi All,

I am listing for sale some new factory sprockets I had left over from some local bike builds....The pics are below:

I have the following sizes:

44T Flat (no bevel) - "cast" looking one in pic. HD 9 hole for 8 MM bolts.

44T offset - chrome, HD 9 hole for 8 MM bolts.

44T offset - Chrome, STD 9 hole mount. 6 MM bolts small pattern.

48T offset - Chrome, Std 9 hole mount, 6 MM bolts Large pattern (can use
HD 9 hole mounts BUT bolt holes are 6 MM NOT 8 MM

$15 INCLUDES shipping to the USA....(Price is for each sprocket. If you want more than 1 sprocket I can combine them to save you shipping).


NOTE: To save me time answering questions as to which ones are sold or still available....If you want one please reply on the forum so others can see
who wants what and then PM me how you'd like to pay for it (Payment info can be found on my myspace page at : myspace.com/kingssalesandservice)


Hope this helps....



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