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Discussion in 'For Sale' started by dv8cam, Aug 30, 2009.

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  1. dv8cam

    dv8cam Guest

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  2. WhizBangAndy

    WhizBangAndy Member

    HMMM ..Parts..

    I need some parts but which ones do you have? Im not getting anything from my telekinesis port on my computer right now so any description would be helpful..:detective:
  3. dv8cam

    dv8cam Guest

    Here ya go smartypants:

  4. WhizBangAndy

    WhizBangAndy Member

    OK that makes it easier..I dont have a need for those cool parts but Thanks for your reply and Good Luck with the sale!
  5. spad4me

    spad4me Member

    Are those pieces parts, or just parts parts.
  6. dv8cam

    dv8cam Guest

    I am baffled. What is the difference? They are new, running parts.