Miss Megan's Motoredbike

It's a GT Kustom Kruiser Duece. It's really MINE, but i'll let megan THINK its hers, haha.
chopper forks, 3" wide rear tire. Ape-hangers. Got most of it complete except mounted rear sprocket. just using spare parts here and there. megan is confused by coaster brakes...something about pedaling backwards to stop, she has trouble comprehending:rolleyes:. so the only way to use handbrakes on front was to put them on the backside of the neck, and let the pads rub right on the tire. it'll chew them up faster, but i can get the pads for free.
i'd like to keep the wide tire, but if the chain wont clear with just one extra spacer, i'll havbe to go to reg. width tire. i dont wanna run into vibration probs.


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thanks, all.
yeah, Bill....i may have to 'requesition' this one just for me :) nah.
well, i got the rear sprocket on and perfectly centered. after tightening it down, i put the wheel on....no go. chain wont clear the tire. i'll TRY just one more spacer, but something tells me it'll vibrate like Bill's Deviate.
*crosses fingers*
With the brake shoes rubbing on the tire, I would be more concerned about the tire than the shoes.