Mister You're a Dink !

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by robin bird, Nov 6, 2009.

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    Driving by a group of school kids have you been insulted( lol) with what they are saying ? No i dont look like peewee herman but i do wear a downhill helmet and a red coat-iam driving an scsw full suspension bike morini powered so its not a nerdy looking setup. Who cares anyway iam having fun !!

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    I was disrespected by a group of young adults at the park...once. That was when my MB's were tamer.

    Now NO ONE laughs. They mostly drop their jaws.:jester:
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    hey man...look around and see what kids have been up to lately...how could those dinks even have a clue about a grown man doing something fun with his time, and doing it on his own dime?
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  4. seanhan

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    I laugh

    At the kids in the park !!!!
    When I was your age I had a job and a car !!!!!
    No walking for me !!!!
    maybe you can get your momma to give you a lift home now !!!!
    It's funnny though becuse they all have I-phones !!!!!
    I think I would get a car before a $150.00 a month phone bill...
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    Most young people I run into think my rigs are "so awesome" Did I tell you about when my exhaust lit my seat on fire............... :dunce:
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    When my MB was still pretty new I had a kid of only about 10 or 11 yrs come running out toward the road screaming, "That's an illegal bike! You can't ride that!" What made it puzzling to me was that his attitude wasn't just know-it-all or smart aleck, this kid seemed to be really furious with me. If he'd had some sort of weapon I might have been in trouble.

    Otherwise both kids and grownups are curious and enthusiastic when they have anything to say.
  9. I rode my MB to 2 annual motorcycle rallies here. See my photo album for a pic of my bike in a row of motorcycles. A few young (late teens-early 20s) Harley or crotch rocket riders made disparaging remarks, but all the rest were interested-curious-supportive. Some even knew the first Harley-Davidsons were rack mounted motored bicycles. I had a ball with most of the bikers and will go again next year. Highly recomended.
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    I'm trying to think of the last time I cared what a group of kids thought....but the local kids love my ride...
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  12. Mike Hunt

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    are you sure? ive looked up pics of the old harleys, and while they look like bicycles with engines, i havent seen a single rack mount
  13. GearNut

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    Arthur Harley and Walter Davidson played around with rack mopunted bicycle engines before deciding to create thier own engine powered bicycle. They had been repairing and making bicycles for a few years before that, so naturally, engine power was the next step for them as the whole idea was quite popular in those days. The first "motorcycle" they made was a drop loop framed, single cylinder engine with about 1 1/2 hp, "heavy duty bicycle" contraption. They received many compliments on it and so many requests to duplicate it for thier bicycle customers that they decided to start thier own manufacturing company. The rest is history, as the saying goes.
  14. I used to own a Harley-Davidson history book, now belonging to my ex, along with everything else. It showed photos of 3 HD built rack mount MBs which the book claimed were the very first Harleys. I would love to ride one and compare it to the HD I owned and the MBs I've ridden. Now wouldn't that be a trip?
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    The kids i run into on tour are the most thrilled, because they get the "no license, no registration" thing much more than adults, cause 16yo is still a long ways away for many of them.
  16. Chris Crew

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    here in downtown Raleigh NC

    we have a group of folks who go on a bicycle pub crawl every Friday evening.

    Last week, I was sitting astride one of my mb's, headed for my usual watering hole and waiting for the traffic light to change when the peleton showed up. There were about two hundred of them and they blatently ran the traffic light in front of me. A few of the skinny boys on fixies shouted and one showed me the bird---the middle-aged guys and gals on cruiser bikes gave me smiles and thumbs up.

    Kids these days.
  17. Elmo

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    He had probably got caught by the cops on the street with a mini bike or an atv.
  18. bluegoatwoods

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    Yes, Elmo, he might have gotten caught riding something. Or maybe he had seen my bike (it had already gained some attention in the neighborhood at that time), asked his folks for one and was told, "No. They're illegal."

    Whatever the explanation, I suspect that the anger was mostly the result of jealousy.

    At about the same time I was riding after dark. Just ahead there was a boy and two girls standing by the road. Maybe 15 or 16. About the time I noticed them these idiots stepped, clearly on purpose, straight into my path. I had just enough time to twist my right arm so that my elbow was aiming right at the boy's eye. That made him hesitate enough that I slipped by. As I did he asked, in a very smarmy voice, "Let me ride your bike?" I just said, "Sorry..." and rode on.

    I've been keeping an eye out for that jerk ever since. If he pulls that garbage again, he's getting a 15 mph helmet-headbutt. I won't be sorry, either.
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    Just shoot one of those Lance Armstrong yellow *** Bracelets at him !!!!
    Right upside his head !!!!
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    hmmm... i think dink means "dual income no kids", not sure why theyd call you that but i guess there just jealous they have to pedal their bikes hehehe :devilish: