Mit TL43 Dimension edge kit

I got two of these from a 70+ year old man who had them on Dahon folding bikes that he and his wife kept in their motor home. Aprox 40 hrs on engine or just broke in. Includes extra rollers, instructions for kit and engine and a Dahon manual. Retails for $619 new. You may need to fabricate or order brackets foer other applications. $350+S&H email for more pics or questions see bicycle engine.html
PM sent

Had to do an intro before being able to reply here. Let me know what you think....PM or here....thanks.
One kit for sale.

I would keep both, but need the money for my next project so I am selling just one. I drained the gas and then started it and ran the rest out to package it for shipping. No smoke and runs quiet.:D
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Before I go and beg my wife for some money, is it still for sale. I was originally going to do the gear thing, but may give this one a try.
yeah it is a older model TLE43 that predates the carb tier II standerds. These engines are very strong. About 5% more power then the current model TLE43s. Judging from the pictures those kits are meant for 20 in. Dahon folding bikes. Which means it has a longer engagement and throttle cables and shorter support legs. You will definitely need longer support legs for 26 in. wheels, and make sure you have eyelets in the seat stays right behind the seat post. If there are no eyelets you will need to get a different front mount.

Just thought I would help ya out a bit. That looks like a great deal there, especially if the motors are still in great shape... and those TLEs are about as bullet proof as they come.

If whoever purchases it has any trouble with the install I would be happy to help. Just PM me
Bike with the other kit.

I built this with the other identical kit. Rides smooth and cruises 25-30 with my 260# plus. If someone would prefer this over the kit, I would sell it as pictured w generator as well as battery lights and speedometer for $500, but it would have to be picked up here in Michigan.