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  1. pdxrhett

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    I am looking for a cheap tune up - it takes 20-30 pulls to get it started, and a lot of people on these forums tell me it should have enough power to take me upwards of 40mph (on a shift setup). My only question is: Why will it only take me to ~35? And thats only if I contort my body and have me head below the handlebars... Ill post pics soon.

  2. 5-7HEAVEN

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    Cheap tuneup? Install new sparkplug and gap to recommended specs.

    If carb is adjustable, reset high and low speed jet, set idle.

    Clean air filter screen, adjust cable for full throttle.

    Adjust brakes for minimal drag, set tire pressure to specs.

    Lubricate all moving parts.

    Cheap tuneup.:detective:

    Don't believe 40mph conjecture. Speed depends on weight, gearing, wind resistance, etc.

    One vendor predicted 40mph on Mitsubishi 43cc engine, light body weight and 1.5" friction roller.

    My best speed was 32mph on a cruiser, but then I weigh 195lbs.:whistling:
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    Also, check the anti-spark screen in the muffler. Mine got partially blocked, and the motor was somewhat hard-starting, and would bog down and start 4-stroking at high rpms. Removed the screen, and all was well.

    Is it a genuine mitsubishi, at 49cc?
  4. pdxrhett

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    it has on the motor something that looks like this:

    and then 49 next to it

    note:It does not look exactly like that, that is just an estimate. I am talking about a complete engine overhaul btw
  5. loquin

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    what does the spark plug look like?
  6. pdxrhett

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    well, i cleaned it a month ago, but i lost the tool. so it shouldn't be too bad..

    edit: I have gears, so it should be able to get me to 35 easily
  7. loquin

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    Here's a photo of a mitsubishi TLE43 (Staton chain drive) Is that the same logo?

    The reason that I'm asking is that I've never heard of a 49cc Mitsubishi engine.

    In this thread (post #9,) 123Bob posted a link to a Mitsubishi product line data sheet that has all their small engines.

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    I bought a "knockoff" engine from Ebay about a year ago...

    Even with electric start, that thing was a bear to get going!

    Carb had a small air leak in it, then all wen well after that!
  9. Happy Valley

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    They also come in all black. :D
  10. pdxrhett

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    that is exactly what mine looks like - except i have a 5:1 right side drive gearbox (on thescooterguy's setup)