Mitsubishi TLE 48 is it available in USA ?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by andyszyd, Oct 20, 2009.

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  2. jg767

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    It's almost 40% more powerful than the TLE43 too! I want one!
  3. loquin

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    Never seen one here. It's hard to find a TLE43!

    The reason is that the TLE series of motors are marketed and sold as OEM motors for lawn care equipment (blowers, trimmers, brush cutters, etc.) John Deere, for instance, uses 'em in their string trimmers.
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  4. andyszyd

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    TLE48 is the newest introduction, I think it was released in spring this year according to this:
  5. loquin

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    Mitsubishi announced in December 2010, that they would be marketing/selling the entire TLE line (including the TLE48) in North America under the Mitsubishi brand. They did not say when...

    A further announcement was apparently released early this year, saying that they were "in the process of signing parts and service distributors..."
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    I asked Mitsubishi-Meiki and they told me they would be on US sale in the fall 2011.
  7. darwin

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    The mits 43 you can buy at staton or DE i think.
  8. rawly old

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    Okay, it's now Feb.,2012. Does anyone have recent info on who's selling the
    TLE 43? ALso, when looking at the pdf page, I noticed the mits 50 looked
    identical to the 52/49cc they sell at monster scooter parts for $129. Hmmm?
  9. Happy Valley

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    "Looked identical" being the operative phrase. That's what the Chinese manufacturers do well, make copies that look the same on the outside but it's what's inside, beyond the cosmetics, where they are different. The TLE series of engines from Mitsubishi are a light year ahead of the copies. A simple test is look for the two barrel carb the Mits employs in it's patented cylinder savaging system.
  10. rawly old

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    yeah okay,
    Does anyone have recent info on who's selling the TLE 43?

    P.S. Hap, here's some pics of that belt drive you seems to think
    wouldn't work. It performs just as well as a GEBE, though made
    entirely from recycled stuff except for the engine. 30+mph,160mpg.
    The same goes for the trailer.(it even has a parking brake.)

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  11. Happy Valley

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    Well good for you but it seems your memory is a little faded. Never said it wouldn't work, it's already been done a number of ways, I said just do it .

    The motor and mount in the pics are too far outboard for my likes, even further out than an off-sided friction drive. As long as you're happy with it though, that's all that matters.

    Dimension Edge has Mits engines listed for $319 + s&h.
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  12. rawly old

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    I agree it looks awkward so far outboard, but the performance is fine. It doesn't
    seem to affect the handling at all. My only beef is on long steep hills the 3 spd
    on my new old huffy,( made in USA circa late '70s), can't find the right cadence
    pedaling to support a sustained climb without putting me on the threshold of cardiac
    arrest. I have a 52cc HF that I really don't want to put on it which is why I'm
    shopping for a TLE 43 as cheaply as possible.
    I went to a belt cuz it's too wet much of the time for friction, but now I think
    I've found a solution in a modified drive roller I've tooled. It's almost twice as
    grippy as a standard staton.( if there's a way to measure such things). Since
    I don't really care about going faster than 20 anyway, it may be the answer to
    the kind of low end climbing I'm looking for. I'm gonna put it on my old school Raleigh
    mtn. bike which has virtually infinite ratios. I'm pretty sure I can find an easy
    pedal-assist cadence to go with it.
  13. rawly old

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    The way i see it, if your in a hole don't stop digging 'til you hit paydirt!