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  1. s_beaudry

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    Viza is sold out of the TLE43 and staton's price (with all due respect) seems kind of high `$300 versus ~$190....

    So, does anyone have another source online for the TLE43 engine?

    Would it be bad to just buy the TLE33 from Viza for $165?

    Keep in mind I weigh in at 224 pounds and will be using a 1.25" friction setup...

    Thanks for the advice,


  2. kerf

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    I've often wondered if David bought the entire stock from Visa. It's a popular engine and with good reason.
  3. Happy Valley

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    They've been sold out for a year.

    When they were $188 at Viza I remember someone here mentioning they thought they were the pre-CARBII certified TLE43s. Apparently that was the last in their line after the 26cc and 33cc to get it. I do not know if that was the case. I know the Viza engines are sold without the factory gas tank.

    The Tanaka 40cc engines are about the same price, $299.

    I had heard from someone that John Deere lawn equipment dealers were a source of parts for the TLE43. Haven't checked but maybe they can get the engines??
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  4. kerf

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    David had stopped selling 43's about a year ago. The ones he had been selling had the gas tank, then after being OOS for a while he had some w/o gas tanks. Bout the time Visa went OOS.
  5. loquin

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    I believe TLE43's have been CARBII certified for 6-7 years. The 43's were issued a provisional CARBII certification at the same time as the 26/33 cc versions received their certification, as all were of the same design, and all the testing to that date was within the certification levels. They had completed the testing for the 26 and 33 cc models, but that had not yet completed the testing on the 43cc. They finished testing/reporting for the 43 and were given full certification the following year.

    The testing results showed that the TLE series not only met the current (as of time of testing) but also met the more stringent emissions standards that were coming as well (in 08 I believe.)
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  6. wilbur

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    How well does this motor perform Speed wise?.
  7. Butch

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    Top speed on my Mitsu TLE43 is 33 MPH. I expect that to improve a little when it is broken in more.
  8. 5-7HEAVEN

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    With one TLE43 engine, "The Dragon Lady'S" top speed is about 32mph with expansion pipe and 1.5" roller on the flats.

    With two TLE43cc engines, top speed is 41.5mph on the straightaway.

    When I adapt Walbro WYK-58 carbs onto them, I'm hoping for 43mph and a consistent 40mph.:devilish:
  9. wilbur

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    Heaven !!.You have the need for speed!!!.I always thought the more H.P. ,the faster you go but ,these TLEs" crank. I have a lot to learn.
  10. loquin

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    Found this source for $235. I've never ordered anything there, though ...

    - In the link above, MBc's obscenity filter :censored: is changing 4 characters to '*' for a portion of the motor name (the last 3 letters of mitsubishi,) and the 1st character of TLE43... (It thinks it's a 4-letter word meaning to defecate!:-/)

    When correcting this in your browser, the first three stars must be changed to 'shi' (lower case,) and the fourth star must be changed to a 'T' (UPPER case...):whistling:

    Here's an easier 'edit'*LE43CCPowerplant.html
    REPLACE the star (*) in the above link with a capital T.
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    Dead link, Lou.
  12. 5-7HEAVEN

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    Yes I do.:devilish:

    I need to maintain 35mph to use the highway. Anything less and I'd need to ride the shoulder and risk getting sideswiped by EVERY car that passes me.

    You're talking maybe a HUNDRED vehicles on each ride.:ack2:
  13. Happy Valley

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    I guess I always thought Hawaii would be tropical paradise and parts of it probably is but that sounds pretty horrible.
  14. loquin

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    refer to the note, above ...
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  15. Pirate88179

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    The link works fine for me once I removed the "***" and replaced the correct letters. Anyone know if this supplier is ok?

  16. loquin

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    That I don't know. Possibly (since he sells through paypal) you could get a count of the number of reported problems there...
  17. Pirate88179

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    Thank you. That is a very good idea. I really don't want to settle for the 33 but don't want to pay over $300.00 for the 43 as I have seen on some sites.

    Thanks again.

  18. Pirate88179

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    Porkchop tells me you have run the Titan 50cc motor on the BMP friction drive system I am getting. How did you like this motor? Does it have the right size clutch and bolt circle pattern to fit without an adapter? Do you feel it is dependable?

    I will most likely go with the HuaSheng 2.2 hp 2 stroke as it is only $125 and BMP says it fits ok. UNLESS you tell me the Titan also fits and has worked great for you thus far. Thanks.