Mixture screw on GXH50 carb: adjustment-reducing design

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    I've got an ongoing bogging problem on my very new Honda GXH50 engine. I've tried all kinds of fixes (less-restrictive fuel filter, cleaning idle jet, etc.). But I think the problem might be staring me in the face. My engine's carb has a mixture screw that is designed in such a way that it can only move about 1/4 turn total. See the photo below.

    I imagine that the unmodified GXH50 engine running in an application that it was designed for (water pump, cement mixer) might be alright with that narrow range of adjustment.

    But on a motorized bicycle with a less-restrictive exhaust, a higher load placed on the engine, etc., it seems like that range is way too narrow to get the correct adjustment.

    Has anybody here ever modified such a screw to open up the range of adjustment? I think I'll probably cut off the protruding bit that the red arrow's pointing at -- my Dremel should work nicely on that.

    But I just thought I'd put this out there for your thoughts and advice.

    Thanks for any assistance.


    PS: See the second photo in my reply below.

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    THIS full-range brass screw gives the range of adjustment that I want. (Just grabbed the photo off the internet.)

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