Mo. college town passes bike harassment law

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by mlcorson, Jun 19, 2009.

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    I like it. There was a bicycle law passed here that dictates a 3 foot minimum clearance, just not sure how that's gonna be enforced. One thing for sure, it doesn't stop the cretins yelling inanities and flipping the bird. Reading some of the comments I guess they're everywhere. It probably won't stop it in Columbia either, but it's a start.
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    131 comments at the end of the aricle. Not all supportive. Degraded into an argument at one point...sigh.
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    18 comments on this one:

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    I have to admit some of the gram counting yuppies around here annoy the heck out of me. They're all way out in the car lanes or several of them are shoulder to shoulder and almost none of them have mirrors that would give them a clue that there's a line of cars behind them unable to pass because they're climbing a hill and weaving all over the place. *sigh*
    This is one of the reasons I think MB's are safer than pedal-pushers at least in hilly areas. With the engine helping you don't get distracted by the fact you're about to pass out and you can pay more attention to your surroundings.
    I hate overly aggressive idiot cagers but SOME people on bikes just cause trouble and get in the way. Probably the same folk that stop instantly in the middle of an aisle at a store and don't have any clue that others may need to get by. Saying "excuse me" politely gets tiring after awhile with the amount of those type of people around...

    Show courtesy, get courtesy.

    /end rant.
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    I have nothing useful to add (as usual), but I clapped after reading that post. And yelled "YEAH!" at the computer screen :)
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    Pretty funny letter to the Columbia Tribune editor:

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    What about the spandex idiots with hands frozen in the single finger salute position? Courtesy my arsh.
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    as somebody who spends a majority of his time on an unmotorized bicycle, I think it's a good law. Most of the people upset need to realize that it's not illegal to honk at a bicyclist. What's illegal is running them off the road, throwing things at them, or verbally assaulting them. Road rage has been illegal in most parts of the country for years... this is basically an extension of that law. I don't see what the big deal is.

    We can talk about giving respect to get it all you want, but as somebody who obeys all traffic laws on his bike I can say that it really doesn't get me anywhere. And I'm not exaggerating. I am more lawful on my bike than I am in my car. I do not want to give anybody an excuse to treat me like I deserve it. I've been run off the road, swerved at, had horrible things yelled at me, cups full of soda and ice thrown at me, people threatening to beat me up... All because I was on "their" road.

    To be honest though, these people I can handle. They at least have the courtesy to announce their presence and their intentions. It's the ones who almost kill you by being oblivious that are the real threats. Cell phones are a curse.
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    Your post is well stated and yes, same here. Ask almost any cyclist who logs steady mileage.