modding a daemon friction drive to a for a cy460r

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    I got this kit on ebay with a china **** gx31 clone. The clutchbell was warped snapping my spindle, fixed the spindle and snapped my crankshaft all before the second tank of fuel was gone! The engine is trash except for maybe parts and im left with this flawed mount. The issue is the bearing on the clutchbell side is moving inside the mount. Im going to remove that bearing, trim away some material on the mount make some spacers for the housing and shorten, lathe and add some setscrews to the spindle so I can use the double bearing clutchbell housing that comes on a chung yang 460. Im gonna get a goped 1.5L tank mounted opposite of the motor on the rack mount. After initial install im going to have a cool guy I met on gopednation "Cablescum" port the topend, though I don't want to mod the exhaust so its still legal and isn't too terribly loud. This engine is rated at 4.2 hp stock so with porting and a hp air filter im guessing 4.5+ hp. With the gx31 my bike only did 21mph with the 1" spindle! Im guessing probably more like 40-42mph with the 460:cool:

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    May I make a suggestion? Trash that friction drive and get yourself a BMP or Staton friction drive kit.:idea:

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    i dont have the $$$!

    Or i would get a Staton kit. this one i have is very similar in design tho. I got some done to it, widened the hole for the bearing on the clutch side so the slightly trimmed bell housing fits in true. All i need now are 4, 1" spacers and a custom spindle. Problems solved!, Now im ready for a fuel tank and my 460!:cool:
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    Be sure you have two support struts, on on both sides of the wheel.

    I left on support strut off and snapped two Staton spindles.Fortunately, it did not snap My engine's crankshaft.
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    that must have been part of the problem

    This kit only came with a single strut " long threaded rod i couldnt use because the brake caliper is in the way" so i used a turn buckle and i think i had it too tight. Thanks for the advise 5-7heaven! Much appreciated. Im going to make a different strut system utilizing the tabs on the frame ment for brake arms " i have disk brakes that get in the way of using the axle as a mounting point " it shouldnt be hard the mount lines up with the tabs perfectly! This is much heavier than a staton kit but NOW it should be stronger than one as well. Ill post pics after i get the spindle made and installed.
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    I think the crank snapped because i didnt just replace the spindle i had it lathed and used a piece of 3/8" treaded rod to reattach the bell. It was stronger than the stock spindle and thats why i snapped the crank and not the spindle the second time it failed. The way the engine was attached to the channel there was no way to center the engine on the clutchbell? The clutch housing im using centers the motor so ill not have the same clutch noise i did before.
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    You're welcome, and good luck.
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    i found a guy with a lathe in his garage

    Ready for the spindle

    You guys know what this used to be. now as you can see it is way more well built than it was. This clutchbell housing has dual bearings and it centers the engine. The ring that came stock allowed the engine to move while it was tightened " i had bad clutch noise and it shook is self apart " Im confident this F/D is good to put a 460 on now. And before with the gx31 there was too much torque for it. On friday im going clear across phoenix to get this spindle modified

    7/8" spindle to be modified

    I also want a 1.25" spindle. The bmp spindle is really close to what ill need if it was bored to 5/8" from 1/2" and a shank on one end for the 3rd bearing"5/8"x7/16".
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    Did you know that Staton and BMP friction spindles and bearings are interchangeable into either drive drive units? Staton clutch drum mates perfectly with Staton rollers and 5/8" x 1 3/8" bearings. BMP clutch drum mates with 1/2" OD driveshaft, 1.25" BMP spindle and 1/2" x 1 3/8" bearings. However, Staton clutch drum will not interchange with BMP clutch drum, etc.

    When using Staton spindle in BMP housing, a simple bearing retainer must be installed on the outboard bearing.

    FWIW, All of these components MIGHT bolt onto your friction drive housing.
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    Not any more 5-7 the bearing hole was wollered out on the clutch side. I had to enlargen it so the housing fit in true. This is the only way to Make this f-d oporational again. The custom spindle will look like a cross between a staton and a bmp, bmp setscrew style but opened up to 5/8" on the clutch side staton style with a shank for the bearing on the other side. It5 makes perfect sense to me when its finished the pics will explain.
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    i posted this to gopednation so i could find some lathe work

    I need a custom spindle for a 460 clutch housing and a third bearing. Im lacking a micrometer but i need 1.25" diameter with a hole in one end just wide enough to fit on the stock 460 clutchhousing its just shy of 15mm but only 7/8" deep, and one end needs to be lathed down for a third bearing to fit i think its 5/8" the bearing is a 6202rs,

    Ok so it should be L=3-5/8" , dia=1-1/4" , 0ne end largened to fit tight on to cy clutch housing 7/8" deep with a threaded setscrew hole, the other lathed to fit inside a bearing with an inside diameter of 5/8", im putting a 460 on a friction drive bike kit and this is the last part i need to get it mounted on the bike and get a 460. Any help would be appreciated guys thanks in advance.

    This was a kit i bought and it was junk so i redesigned it using the cy housing whitch fixed the main problems with this design but i need the custom spindle. Dang i wish i had a lathe!
    [​IMG] this is before i did any modding.

    [​IMG]This is after i made the bearing hole large enough for the housing to slide in and be tru.

    [​IMG] this is yesterday i got the 1" nylon spacers and am ready to mount the engine but its not going anywhere without a spindle!

    [​IMG][​IMG]This is the old 7/8" spindle " i need one bearing removed and that end fitted on the shaft secured with a setscrew" though i want a 1.25 modding this one will help with designing the new one i think.
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    I believe you, and can't wait until the 460 is installed.

    I ran a 460 on friction drive. It ran great on 1.25" spindle, but the constant high rpm drone gave me a headache. A 1.375" spindle worked well, with a lower rpm.

    Ya might want to use lower-rpm clutch springs, so you can use the engine at lower speeds. The 460 clutch kicks in @ 8,000rpm. I tried 3500-4000rpm springs; my bike sounded exactly like a modified moped, with no off-idle engine power. The 2700rpm-3000rpm clutch springs worked well for me.

    Bear in mind that this engine has a very narrow rpm band. When hillclimbing, if engine rpm drops below a certain level, the engine rpm and power will not increase until the hill levels off. That's the main reason I switched to the shift kit. Even with gears, if you're stuck on a hill, the 460 will suffer.
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    I got an idea.:idea:

    If your spindle doesn't work, machine the clutch bell to accept a long 1/2" shaft or BMP shaft, which extends past the outboard bearing. Then you can slip on the BMP 1.25" spindle.
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    i appreciate your feedback

    I havent realized The need for a shift kit if any exists here at all. I live in phoenix AZ " almost no hills " I'm into the goped scene and have quite a few tricks too make the 460 scream from an idle to redline. And i do have a set of clutchsaver springs waiting to be installed " i dont have the engine yet " but im the kind of guy that will wait for a great deal on a fully modded 460 from gopednations classified section. I want a "goped" 1.5L tank on the other side of the mount for weight distribution. Man just port your 460 a bit and you wont regret it. Also the carb of of the 60cc motor "walboro hda-223" is a good upgrade from the stock hda-48 and it doesnt have a fuel return which Is a good thing for you cause of the single feed tank your bike runs. This has been on the back burner since i started my schwinn scooter build a few months back and since im finished with that im ready to finish the v2 of the Motobecane moped throwback bike

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    Yeah id thought of that once before but id like to keep the housing and drum as is so it can be replaced without any machining first. These housings are Useless to anyone who gets the 460 for a goped so they are in abundance and most of the time they are just given away for free! I cant seem to get away from the promise of free replacments. And at the very most my spindles will cost me $25-$35 for material and machine work. Im having the stock spindle lathed tomorrow for free and that means the whole conversion is only costing $3 in spacers and washers :grin5: ! Not too bad i think. Oh yeah i need a setscrew maybe $.50 :devilish: i paid $200 for the kit with an engine. And the engine is junk so ill say ive got $103.50 invested in this F/D kit total before cost of the motor that at most will cost $255 and the fuel tank at most $40 both from ddm. $398.50 complete and rolling aint too bad especially when considered that ill have a cy460r instead of a eho35 or gx35.
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    I also installed a 1.5 liter goped tank, which straddled the outboard bearing on the drive housing. It worked well enough, but I had to fill the tank every other day. The one I like best is this:

    It holds 4 liters of fuel; this means I need to fill this Happy Time tank every 10 days. It looks great to me when mounted on the top tube. In my present engine location, the expansion pipe crosses over the top tube, so I moved the 4-liter tank to the back. The HT tank looks like heck, mounted on the rear rack, but WTH, it doesn't bother me one bit.

    I also carry 2 oz of oil in a fuel reserve bottle. When the tank is low, I shut the petcock and pedal for 100 yards to the Chevron station. I pump in 3 quarts of fuel, pedal for 100 yards, then open the petcock, start the engine and motor away.

    No more mixing fuel at home! Fill up at any gas station!
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    dchevygod, what would you run on your bike, a Tanaka 47R or the 460?
    I've run both, but I'd like your opinion.

    BTW, if you moved your engine a few inches forward, it might look better and have better weight distribution.
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    Jim Holister Racing. Rocks, Jim is an awsome guy ive ridden with him once before at one of the local group rides. But thats as far as i knew him before today, He just spent the better part of three hours on my spindle today and I cant shout his praises loud enough.
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    The frame is so aggressively angled there where the mount is, i guess i could shorten the u bracket.

    As for engine im not the best one to ask about the tanaka but i like the fact that the 460 was designed for moving an individual around and not an adapted industrial engine of some kind. Ive read nothing really bad about the tanaka but i can get 460s from ddm for $255 shipped i wouldnt kno where to look for a tanaka at that $. And the 460 has easily replaced parts, tanaka stuff is more $ and thats if you can find it.
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    The 47R was designed for a gokart and scooter, so it's a people mover.:devilish:

    I was lucky enough to find a ported 47R on your goped site, also a brand new 47R elsewhere. They have a few Tanaka parts online, so that's a plus.

    I like both engines, but have had bad luck with 460 clutch springs.:ack2: