Model 09 OHV Whizzer

Discussion in 'Whizzer Motorized Bicycles' started by MotorbikeMike, Sep 23, 2007.

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  1. Hi Gang, I tried to put pics in the gallery, no work! Hmmm I'll try here with a minimal amount of typing.


    I got one but after over 10 tries, I guess I'll do more later


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  2. mickey

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  3. azbill

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    very cool lookin ride Mike !!!
    glad to hear the ohv is so strong
  4. JemmaUK

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    Hi Mike,

    Ok.. so I am officially jealous now - that is an absolutely stunning machine although i am slightly confused - what is the brass tank like thing behind the seat post?

    And where did you get those forks? Im planning to fit a pair of ridelow open springer forks to mine - as well as the U-Stand if it will fit (deraillier)

    well done :)

    Jemma xx
  5. 09 Parts

    Hi guys, and thanks for the compliments! Jemma, I designed and built a prototype springer of that type, and then have my frame manufacturer build them to my specs, the new one is even SOOOO much nicer.

    The brass tank holds my wiring components, unlike the litte buzzing 2-strokes, I have a voltage regulator, rectifier, cdi and coil, and a full loom to wire lights, horn, battery, anything I want.

    My new production bikes (pics to come) have the full-frame toolbox behind the seat tube which will hold the electrics, and wiring looms, maybe tools even?

    We will see, I've not finished the 09, and need to assemble the 10 today, to get ideas as to how it will work.

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  7. JemmaUK

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    If I had the talent I would fabricate and fit a combined fuel tank and tool/luggage box inside the main part of the frame. I'd love it to be lockable too with maybe a section for the lights/computer and such which are removable. Another thing that made me think was the old style two compartment tanks... a petrol and an oil tank which mixed at the right ratio would be wonderful.. I did wonder about that brass tank since it seemed to have a bolt running through it and be openable.

    I know I am going to hate the answer (as I know I cannot afford it) but how much are you charging for these machines when they are productionised?

    Jemma xx
  8. New pics in gallery

    I dunno, I think maybe I should shift here and not use the Gallery, what do you-all think?

  9. Model 09 Update/ board track bike pics

    Hi well the Whiz-in was a blast, and no I have not written about it, more later on that in a new thread. I can tell you that we rode somewhere between 60-70 miles I'm told. I rode 25-45 mph, accellerating uphill! the OHV ran flawlessly, and had more power than i had expected! I'm posting 2 pics here of my 09, and then I have had a request for Board track bike pics from another topic area here. I decided to bump this thread, instead of starting a new one, as my bike fits the theme fairly well (i think???). I will try to find pics of some of the finest BTR's that i've seen.


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  10. Model 09 heading to the "Finish" Line!

    Hi all, before I took off on the pilgrimage that would both bring the Model 10's home, and injure my ankle worse than I can ever remember, I made some exciting deals in order to FINALLY get one of my bikes to completion!

    A powder coating shop around the corner from me has been doing antique motorcycles, and the Mgr. asked me if I would bring the 09 on Monday, when the owner would be there to help him estimate it from me.

    A loading accident that I had has bent the front wheel some, and they even noticed that! They were really looking her over. After much discussion, and starting the bike about 4 times for the people who came around, we started to talk turkey.

    Eventually, Klay told me, I'd like to do one first, and then give you a quoate. I told him, I don't know about that, as this one is mine, and I would really need to keep in budget, as I'm not a rich dreamer, just a dreamer!

    He told me that he would be willing to do my 09 FREE and then bid for the rest of the work! WOW! I'm finally looking at getting a nice finished bike, and his gift to me is to put on the color free!

    I'm estatic! I ask him if he wants me to degrease her, and clean up the rust, and get her as ready as possible, and he says, NOPE, I want a worst case scenario, bring her in just disassembled!

    I have accquired some White Tires, stainless steel spokes, new alloy rims (to powder), and we will do the sheave (not the clips), rims, and all the components, except the brass, in Indian Red, and I'll do the lettering in Gold.

    She will resemble the Indian 8-Valve that I have in this post.

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    All right. I'm thinkin' that bike will be a beauty with some color on it (it's already got nice form).
  12. Model 09 is back home at last!

    Well, some of this is more work (and more expensive) than I had hoped. The lacing of the cross-4 120 stainless spokes, to build my wheels ran a surprising 100.00! No wonder so few choose to powder coat thier wheels?

    I have assembled them tonight, and will put them on the bike soon, but am going to take better pics of the bike with the chrome rims, and black tires, so that everyone who wishes to, can see the difference that the commitment of doing the wheels delivers.

    The all-white tires are apparently not as good of quality as the Cheng Shins that I usually run, but the look is outstanding I think.

    My server is so flakey, that I've not been able to use it, and am writing this from wifey's machine (it's debilitating!).

    I've got emails that are getting old without answers, and need to somehow get my act together, and fix the blue-screening of my server!

    Here are a couple of hastily shot pics from today, More to come.

    I have wifey holding the bike, in part, to get perspective on the size of the bike, she is 5'6" or so.


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  13. Lawrench

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    That is an over the top gorgeous piece of work!

    Thank you for posting. I have a soft spot for old MC's. I have a couple in the shed that need restoration, but I am afraid to hurt their value.

    Is there a front brake?
  14. JosephGarcia

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    that is amazing, nice work.

    i think the tires are too far apart and the rear of the frame is looking a little wimpy becuase of it. thats just me though

    anyways its great
  15. Brakes!

    Hi Lawrench, I missed your question about brakes. This bike, like all of the 08-09-10 series uses Worksman Front brakes, and Shimano coaster in the rear.

    Worksman is BY FAR the heaviest, and best made bicycle wheel I have encountered! Spoked at .120 with rolled rims, there is nothing like them. Additionally they use a very nice, heavy duty drum in the front.

    They have stopped me nicely many times even me weighing 275 or so and the bike 100 or so. from 30 to over 40mph.

    Here is a pic, and you can see the front brake from the right side.


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  16. Egor

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    Mike everything is perfect. I love the tires, are they hard to get? That OHV setup is the cat's Meow. Have fun Dave
    PS: If you did a black and white photo, with you in a dapper hat and spats, it would be like time travel.
  17. Old Timey as a lifestyle

    Hi Egore, and thanks! I actually do have a camera that shoots sepia (brown and white) a "newsboy" cap, an "aviators cap", but no cool metal and glass goggles tho.

    White tires used to be a problem for me, so I shunned them, I now have a source, but the reds are still kinda tough.

    Since I shot this pic, I have changed the bars, put on a Whizzer speedo, white grips, and made an old timey muffler that I welded into the end of the straight-pipe.

    I have a few more things I want to do before I just try to ride all the fun out of that little bike.

    I have located, but not poneyed-up the 40.00 for white pedal blocks, I'm looking at having the saddle re-done in brown leather by a local guy.

    I'm looking for a very old flashlight to make a removeable headlamp, looking at snuggling a tiny tailight somewhere, I need also to register the bike (reg230+18 bucks).

    I am designing a neat little oiling system for the valves, and would truly love to find a very small brass and glass sight-glass oiler to plumb into the 1/8 pipe threads in the Rocker Shaft. (Like once used on lathes, boilers etc)

    It seems as tho the things lsft I still want to do are small, but a bit pricey, and need to be done at the correct opportunity.

    I have built many motor bicycles, but, so far, this is far and away my favorite!

    I'm glad that others might enjoy what I'm doing, this concept is what I really had from the beginning of me building motor bicycles, a (resonably) affordable antique motorcycle replica.

  18. Egor

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    Mike - My dream is to find a real old timer, don't think it is going to happen again, I had one in the 60's never could find a make ID of any kind on it. If I find the engine I am looking for that will be the start of the bike. You have to register the bike? Is it not still a MoPed! I was wondering if you had a real one would it be exempt! I know they want 2hp no gears, (auto two speed is OK) under 29mph, and propelled with the pedals in Ca. I have a few old Chevrolet 4's from the twenties, you have to oil the rockers every 100mi. they have a piece of felt that you place over them full of oil, messy. I run Prolong oil treatment in all my old engines, you can't use it in a wet clutch, will work in everything else. Long story short, working for Roush, it went in all his racing engines, very slippery. Have fun Dave
    PS: If you use Prolong, break it in first, or it never will.
  19. CA. Moped

    Hi Egor, ALL mopeds in CA need Moped plate! A true antique motorcycle could use Historical plate (like horseless carriage) or Moped plate if actually under 2hp, under 30mph, and pedals, single cylinder and no gearbox. Otherwise, A Motorcycle plate!

    Everything on CA streets with engines need plates! No matter if antique, homade or what! Please do not believe all the foolishness thats been said, just check dmv website under moped plate, and Reg230.

    Build it, and CA gives you 5 days to ride before sending in Reg230, and then send in your money!

    Anyway, I got to create frame number, as Whizzer has a serial, and is CA approved.

    I still do need to do it.