Model #1 HD axle kit:

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  1. cspaur13

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    i saw this iem on the grubee site. is there any vendors out there where you can purchase it with paypal. or can u order them off grubee cause it dosent lok like you can. thanks,

  2. klassard

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    Unfortunately, at this point I would advise against purchasing one of these. They don't come with the right-side freewheel that allows you to pedal. You have to buy that yourself. However, from my experience with the one I recently purchased, the threads on the pedal side of the axle are non-standard and you'll either have to force a standard freewheel on and risk tearing up the threads or you'll have to hunt around for a freewheel with threads as odd as this axle kit.

    You can learn all about the fun I've been having with my HD axle kit on my thread entitled, "Wheel Nightmare".

    P.S. (Before other folks raise objections here, let me reiterate that I said "my experience")
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    Yes I have the Hubs in stock both freewheel and solid mount give me a call or do it on line.
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    There seemed to be some confusion about what I was trying to explain was happening with the Grubee hub. So I put together a presentation to illustrate the issue:
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    After I had explained the issue a little better through the use of the presentation above, the folks at are going to work with me on the thread issue. It turns out that only some of their hubs have this issue and that the majority accept standard freewheels. Bearing this in mind, I have to say that the rest of the axle kit is exceptional, especially for the price. Now that the thread issue is getting resolved, I want to submit a reversal to my original statement :)

    Long story short (sorry, too late) you should buy their hub!
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    thanks for the help every1 but i doubt i will be purchasing 1 any time soon since my engine is screwed. im just gonna go with apocket bike mooter and the scooter guy setup so i wont be needing it now. mabey when i get more money and im bored i might try to mess with the motor and fix it and put it back on a diff. bike and order the hub.
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    I'd just like to add that I have the Model #2 HD axle (the one that is solid on the motor side, #1 is freewheel on the motor side and pedal side) . We too weren't selling them due to not being able to find freewheel hubs for them. The thread pitch on ours is some funky metric version that is only used in France, Australia and at one time China. As such standard metric threaded freewheels don't fit. They do if you get the chrome off the threads but that's a LOT of work from what I understand.

    I've had lots of helpful people call me to tell me various vendors have them (including Firebelly Cycles) but we're getting a shipment from Don and after complaining about it he is throwing in 50 free freewheel sprockets for us. As soon as they come in (about a month or so I hope) we will have them for sale. They are already on our site but marked as out of stock as we don't want to sell them until we are certain our customers can actually make them work.
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    It seems that the #1 thing China can't get right is threading. How can they manage to make all threads inconsistent?? When they figure this out, I'll begin buying Chinese products again, provided I have an option.
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    The motor freewheel is a 36X1.0 CCW, brake / pedal freewheel is 35X1

    36mm is WEIRD. 35mm (1 3/8") is pretty common.

    Standard BMX Freewheels - take 1/8th (BMX) or 3/32 (MTB) chain.

    14 - M30 X 1 for Flip/flop hub
    15 - M30 X 1 for Flip/flop hub
    16 - 1.37" X 24 TPI
    18 - 1.37" X 24 TPI

    Type Thread Specification Equivalent
    I.S.O. 1.375" x 24 tpi 34.92 x 1.048 mm
    British 1.370" x 24 tpi 34.80 x 1.058 mm
    French 34.7 x 1 mm 1.366" x 25.4 tpi
    Italian 35 mm x 24 tpi 1.378" x 1.058 mm
    Metric BMX 30 mm x 1 mm 1.181" x 25.4 tpi

    The 4 hole freewheels used on scooters are 35mm... These are cheap and easy to get.