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  1. kerwin50

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    I have a 50cc model airplane engine. It is a Mustang 50. It is basically a Tanka engine.
    It is too heavy for my likes for an airplane.
    Thing is I'm not sure how to put a clutch on it.

  2. grinningremlin

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    Come on, you don't want a plane big enough to fly a cat in?Maybe, check out service manuals and clutch attachments for Tanaka 47r-PF4000.Possibly old Tanaka edgers (550?).
  3. wheelbender6

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    The subject of using RC motors to motorize bikes comes up from time to time. RC motors produce less torque than bicycle kit motors so they require a lot of gear reduction. Search this site for RC motors to get more info.
  4. kerwin50

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    O I've got plenty of big planes. All my gassers run on a total loss ign. The mustang 50 has a magneto on it making it too heavy for anything but a warbird.
    Thanks I'll do a search.
  5. HeadSmess

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    youll hear this one constantly. failing to realise that what you have is a 50cc petrol engine, built by the same company that makes blower motors, mower motors, yarda yarda blah blah rhubarb rhubarb, and probably came from the same set of dies even, with only a few modifications for RC use...

    and...i thought the whole idea behind four poppers was lots of torque to spin big props? that the twostrokers also have to be quite high torque machines as its preferable to spin a large prop with high pitch slowly, rather than spin a small prop fast? keep the tips below the sound barrier and all that... at least, the full size planes have pretty slow revving two smokers in them... all torque, no rev... going to ignore the RC part, as its irrelevant. the gear reduction part...same ratio seems to work in all small engine setups...

    if you got a working 50cc engine...dont hang around here! go strap it on, quick, and post some pics!!!! then make it a nice tuned pipe, and take more pics!

    oh, ill agree with one point a lot of people do make...cooling. you may need some type of cooling fan. they remove all the fan and cowlings for RC... and a plane doing 150km/h gets a lot more air flow than a pushy twaddling along at 50km/h.

    best bet if you just want something to zip around on occasionally, ie...not commuting, not braving the rain...make a friction drive, no need for a clutch. 7/8 " OD is good size roller. i use 1/2 ID star washers. think out your own mount...

    sticking a clutch in there without unduly stressing the crankshaft will be a challenge...

    ever considered model boats? :jester: