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Modified early Whizzer NE cylinder

Quenton Guenther

Well-Known Member
Aug 2, 2007
I have a very small supply of early Whizzer NE cylinders that I will modify & port. A new stock NE cylinder retails for $198.05, however I will do all the mods for $1.95, in other words for $200.00 plus shipping. This is the same cylinder setup that set records on the "Roller Road" over the last several years. It is also the same setup that powered my Whizzer Sportsman [Wheelie machine] at Dawson Springs, KY this year and won both "stock appearing" and "modified" classes in the dirt drags. I can also port the cylinder to match up with the current 22 MM carburetor if desired. Several members on this site use this modified cylinder on their Whizzers.
Whizzer OuterBanks,