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    Hi, I have for sale my motorized mountain bike. It is a modified 66cc 2 stroke engine (many sellers claim they are 80cc but are actually 66cc). This has had many modifications to it increasing its reliability and performance. I built it just over a year ago and it has covered about 200 miles in that time. This bike has a top speed of around 45 mph, It will go a little bit faster but I wouldn't recommend it! This bike does about 80 miles to the gallon so is very cheap to run.

    I love this bike a lot! But now I have my car I hardly get a chance to ride it any more, so it is time to sell it on.

    The bike is a mantis aluminium mountain bike. It has a front disc brake, front suspension and a rear V-Brake.

    These are the following modifications and upgrades that have been carried out on the engine:

    - NGK spark plug
    - 7mm Copper core HT lead
    - Stainless Steel Expansion chamber exhaust pipe with fibreglass silencer
    - Ported and polished intake manifold
    - Ported intake port (slightly larger size, matched to intake manifold)
    - Ported exhaust port (slightly larger size, matched to exhaust manifold)
    - Cylinder head milled by 0.06mm to raise compression slightly
    - Bigger bore carburettor jet
    - Carburettor polished and ported
    - Gearing insulated to minimize noise
    - Clutch pulley for easier clutch use
    - Rubber engine mounting block (minimizes vibrations)
    - Dual brake lever
    - Custom 32 tooth rear sprocket.
    - Piston skirt modified for better induction.
    - High quality KMC chain.
    - Keyed ignition switch.

    The bike is very easy to ride, you simply pedal along and once you are doing about 10 mph you let the clutch out with your left hand and this will start the engine. You control the speed with a grip twist throttle in your right hand. You can pedal to assist the engine if you want too; but there is no need really!

    I am very reluctant to sell this but it has to go as I need the money. The bike will need to be picked up as I won't be posting it due to its size.

    The bike will come with the following things:

    - Spare Carburettor
    - A 44 tooth rear sprocket. (for a lot faster acceleration but a lower top speed)
    - Mixing bottle (for mixing oil and petrol at the right ratio).
    - Spare gasket set.

    Thanks for looking! If you have any questions just send me a message :)

    I am looking for £220 but am open to offers.

    Thanks again

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