modified motorcycle CDI & coil

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    I modified a Kawasaki KDX CDI for use on my Grubee 48cc engine and it worked so good that I am offering them for sale to people on this forum. I gained around 10% more speed uphill just from using it with a KX80 ignition coil. Here's a report from someone I sold one to: "Micheal, I just came back from a test ride, and I am very pleased with your CDI's performance. The power feels smother and it feels like I have more top end.
    The bike runs like I visioned it would when I started the build.
    I don't think I could ask more from a single cylinder.
    I am very happy, will spread the word, recommend it to everyone, and after the Death Race I hope you will get more orders when I beat the Morinis."

    Click onto my signature link for the complete story of this CDI.

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    Hey! I got my CDI today.....wait.....banned.....:shout: :confused: :icon_cry: :ack2: