Modified Whizzer parts

I just returned from the Portland, IN event [largest motorbike event in the USA]. I still have a small quanity of special [early] NE cylinders [$300.00 ea.], modified clutch hubs [$100.00 ea. exchange], modified NE heads [$75.00 to $95.00 ea.], hi-lift camshafts w/welded gear [$125.00 for WC-1 motor], & mushroom lifters [$65.00 per set]. I have enough parts to convert a few WC-1 to NE status [very limited supply $375.00 ea.].

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Last kit in stock!

Complete top end conversion for the WC-1 Whizzer motor. This is the last kit, not sure if any more will become available in the near future [I am trying to locate more, but supply was limited]. The kit includes the NE cylinder [early rare version], milled & modified NE head [with extra spark plug hole] with 10 MM spark plug hole, copper head gasket, base gasket, special aluminum exhaust spacer, and shortened head bolts. This cylinder has the larger intake port [20.8 MM], and is centered to better match the carburetor. I made this kit to be a DIRECT bolt-on upgrade for the WC-1 motor and the only modification left for the consumer is to drill the threads from the stock carburetor to mount on the cylinder studs.

The cylinder is painted with black cylinder paint to control heat and add the "vintage" look.

$375.00 plus shipping

This is an extra kit and if you already have a kit on order don't worry this is an extra.

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This is the same cylinder I use on all my high performance motors, and is the best setup for extra power.