Mods for a skyhawk 66cc?

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by awc360, Apr 19, 2010.

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    What are the most noticeable mods for this kind of engine? What has worked for anyone?

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    Hi,posting you question in the 2 stroke area... you will get better results there.
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    Inexpensive mods.

    1) If it has 2 head gaskets remove one. The thin aftermarket helps also.
    2) Change both spark plug, wire and boot. The wire unscrews from the CDI. Seal wire to CDI (weatherproof and secures it).
    3) I made my own boost bottle and can tell a difference, some riders can't.
    4) for a easier pull on the clutch handle I've installed a roller bracket that the cable runs through. Not my idea but I make them and sell them. Unbelievable difference in clutch operation. Also some grind (round it off) the arm that pushes the clutch pin. Factory is squared off.
    5) I've heard that the exhaust expansion chamber makes a difference...I don't know my bike runs both fast enough and fine with me.
    6) my next mod will be a shift kit, so I can run the same speed at a lower engine life.
    7) remove and replace all Chinese hardware with grade 8.8 (same as our grade 5). Use locking nuts on ALL studs.
    8) I use loc tite (red) on all studs followed with self locking nylon nuts. My head torque is as good as it was a year ago when built. Have not had to re-torque, checked them yesterday.
    9) proper torque, use a inch pound torque wrench if able. Do not guess on torque. I torque my head studs to 150 inch pounds, approx 12 foot pounds. (twelve inch pounds in 1 foot pound)

    More will chime in, those will keep you busy for awhile.
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  4. check out my thread in intro yo self section titled jug turned around. not sure if it improves perf. but it's neato to look at=) plus clean those ports! Don't gotta do abang up job on 'em but smoothin' 'em out even a little make a big dif.
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    Ooh Ooh, I know, chrome spinner rims, and a huge spoiler!!
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    Get a slant head for more power, cheapest extra out there :D

    Then have fun with it .
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    I ditched the base gasket all together and used yamabond semi drying liquid gasket to seal it back up, That bumbed up the compression and it was free. Put in a NGK spark plug. i cut the catalytic inverter in half and removed the guts then welded it back together. I also put a few more holes in the tip of the exhaust(im talking about the inside of the muffler not the outer cover). And i noticed the inner tube was abstructed by the cat and i cut off about 1/2 inch for better flow. I also Cut the organ pipes off of my stock airfilter and squared it off for better flow. And finally i leaned out the carb by lowereing the needle, mine was running kind of rich. All these things are easy to do and the best part is they are free! It took my bike from 26mph to 31mph according to my gps. Hope this helps man!
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    sanding head 200 grit , porting just intake side on piston so the hole is open when piston is all the way up, cut pipe big or small that connects to cap of the end of your muffler, bbr tuning intake, better plug, high performance gaskets for both muffler and intake, guarantee fun!!!!