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Discussion in 'Performance Mods' started by AusDan, Jun 13, 2011.

  1. AusDan

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    Hi guys
    Been searching the forum n have plenty of good info I just don't know where to start I'm runnin a happytime engine (stock) mountain bike frame with the sick bikes shift kit Im lovin the bike but I'm starting to look for some more torque my intension is to upgrade my pipe,carby,inlet lentgh,boost bottle,port n polish etc but am a lil confused where to start is there any specific order in installing or doing these mods I'm after some more low down power I rarely hit 6th as it is but would love a faster stronger take off I am 100kg will I ever get my front wheel up with mods?
    Sorry if this has been covered I just couldn't find it plenty of great info here n loving the site :)

  2. jaguar

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    I'd order a Dellorto carb and while waiting port/polish, increase intake length, shave metal off head for more compression, and definitely change out all those crappy chinese bolts (cylinder & motor mounts). For a pipe you can make a good expansion chamber from these stock pipes (click on my signature link) or buy one with the right dimensions for a broad powerband and make sure you set it back far enough to benefit the low end power.