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Feb 19, 2008
Ok, my bike is running like a dream.. but i still think it has room for improvement .. So can i get some links to some good tutorials / threads on some mods that can improve any aspect about the bike? Im looking for some more low end power.. but a little bit more at the top end would be great.. So ive read around and my options that i can find are..

Boost Bottle
Expansion Chamber
Exhaust mod

Please help me out with info/links on these and what you guys have experienced with them.

Thanks in advanced,
I would definetely recomend that exhaust pipe Ghost0 showed you, I've got it and the low end torque is great! I can wheelie pretty good now with a 44 tooth sprocket. Also why not mod the air filter a bit, by drilling some holes into it, preferably on the sides and bottom (to stop rain from collecting).
xD wow.. really weelies? dose that pipe have to be installed up like that? it looks sorta silly. . . . All though a motor on a bike sorta dose..
Yeah but the wheelies are more of a balancing feat than a show of power, but that torque definetely helps the wheel come up. With a bit more custom work the pipe can be mounted below the bike like the way ghost did it Or can be put to the side, there is no clearance issues at all, its just if your going to wear shorts just watch the header pipe if you lean forward too far. I would prefer the exhaust under the bike really as this would make it less obvious.
Jixz, you obviously didn't read to the end of my post as I suggested, I know it is long. The pipe does not have to be mounted up like that as seen here.


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