Monark build 4G Shift Kit Custom Tank

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  1. MotoMagz

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    This is a build I have been working on during this long winter here in MI.It is a vintage Monark frame that I added a derailluer to make it a 5 speed.A friend made me the tank and it is sweet! HS 4 stroke with a 4G and SBP shift kit run this baby.Columbia springer and drum brakes front and back.Hope to be done with it soon............

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  2. Irish John

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    It looks really lovely Moto. look forward to it progressing.
  3. Mr.G

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    When I was a kid I had a Monark Silver King, I don't remember if it was like yours. Nice looking motor set up.
  4. bluegoatwoods

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    My goodness, that's gonna be a fine looking bike.

    Already is, for that matter.
  5. MotoMagz

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    Its done!

    Thanx guys.Here are some photos of the bike completed.

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  6. cpuaid

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    Now that is a fine piece of engineering while also a lovely work of art. Very tastefully done. Congrats to you!
  7. MtDandy

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    very nice indeed

    Great lookin' ride mate.Very nice indeed. thank you for the good pic of the shifter kit and gearbox mounted on the bike. Are you totally happy with that set up?
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  8. MotoMagz

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    thanx she was transformed a years later to ..... user6914_pic10377_1320546205.jpg user6914_pic10374_1320546205.jpg