Monark fork in Worksman frame, headset solution.

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  1. An unexpected problem, Monark fork head set bearing cups have a smaller OD by 1/32" dia. than the Worksman headset bearing cups.
    To make this work does Worksman have headsets for 1” Monark steerer tubes? Sadly Worksman’s customer service is notoriously poor at customer service, or so much I have read leads me to believe. That is why I am making this inquire instead of chasing my tail.

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    I'm not familiar with Worksman or Monark..
    But are you saying you want to put a 1" threaded steerer into a frame made for 1&1/8" steerers? There are conversion shims for this which fit into the frame's headtube, and the smaller cups can then be pressed into the shims. You should find them with a goggle search. Amazon, among others, has them.
    Or is it that the frame is made for a semi integrated headset? I have no idea whether those are made for 1" steerers.. :/
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  3. The fork is 1" threaded steer tube. Worksman would have been good with 1". But, the frame as I bought it had only bearing cups in the head and nothing else. Pat from Sportsman Flyer is working with me to solve this.
    He also insists on my using a 1" threaded Sunlite Deluxe Springer. He had nothing nice to say concerning Monark.