Monark springs

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  1. I was warned by a guy at a different website for bicycles that he has heard alot of the monark reproduction springs have welds that have failed and since mine was going to be motorized to watch it real carefully. I guess hes talking about the crossbow manufacturer hes the only one ive seen that makes them so far. Kinda concerns me ive got 2 pair that will be on motorized projects. Anybody else ever heard of problems with the welds on these? Thanks

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    Probably true with really cheap Chinese reproductions but i seriously doubt cracking & failure applies to genuine Crossbow USA.
    If u want to beef forks up for MB use do as i did & sleeve the steer tube with another tube....make it a TIGHT fit(ofcourse this depends IF it's physically possible with that particular brand of fork)

    PS....this thread might be better in the General Discussion forum........more exposure man.
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    just keep a close eye on them for cracks

    should not
    and that's a (((((should not)))))

    not saying will not

    give out and break at once

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    good to know... I have a set that was going on a M/B project.
    Will keep my eyes peeled.