Monark Supertwin

A few more pictures of my Dad's Monark Supertwin - not ridden in the past 55 years!:D
I'm new to the site, but I don't seem to find a lot of "OLD" motorbikes, mostly converted newer bicycles.
When I opened the headlight up, the picture shows what I found (instructions on how to install the batteries) - the one thing I need is a lens for the taillight
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!st try at uploading pix did'nt work out well.


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That bike sure is clean. I would love to see an over all picture. (left and right) I just noticed that it looks like the left crank is bent.
WOW! What a beauty! I especially love the tank. Let us know if (when) you get to ridin' it.
I love the H/O engine - I was considering fitting up a GEBE with a 5-cylinder radial aircraft engine :)

I love the style of the machine although that exhaust looks a little strange given the rest of it - is it an aftermarket fit or replacement?

good luck with it and I hope its as good a ride as it looks

Jemma xx
Cool bike!! Hope you can post some more pics when you get time, and tell us a little more about it. Thanks for showing it.
the monark!

what a truly unique bike, never part with it! tell us how she runs, & give us some more full shot pics! & yes there are lots of old bikes here, heres mine! 52 j.c. higgins.


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