Monark- what should I do?

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    Howdy all. I have a Monark Super Twin (is there such thing as a Super Deluxe?). I scored it from an old landlord a couple of years ago- the motor was swiped by a one-time tenant.

    I was planning on just making it a cool bike, then I looked into trying to track down an original motor. I spoke with an older gentleman in the area wh restores old motorbikes and he said that the cost for one would be pretty hefty. I had everything except for the frame and handlebars professionally stripped and the chrome pieces are in nickel-plate. I have the original rims/tires (and the belt) although I am pretty sure that it had a front fender.

    Anyway, not sure if I'm going to sell it or not. A restore is kind of beyond my current capability and I would want it to be done right. I really do have my heart set on a vintage motorbike or scooter. Let me know your opinions...


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  2. KilroyCD

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    You have the basis there for a very costly restoration, one which you said is beyond your capability. But if you look at it this way, because of the rarity of the bike you have, if you were to sell what you have you'd probably still get enough to buy a vintage Whizzer. Maybe not a mint condition Whizzer, but probably a running example.
    The only time I saw an incomplete Super Twin sell on eBay, I think it sold for well over a grand.
    Also, to answer your other question, yes there is a Super Deluxe, but it wasn't a motorbike.

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  3. Skoh

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    Thanks Kilroy, I appreciate it! Yeah, I think she's gonna have to go to someone who can do right by it. I've got a classic car, a '53 Ford, that is a stocker and in great shape, and I want to give it the treatment it deserves- it's only right that someone who really appreciates it takes it home.

    As for the next step, I really don't know where to go. I've never put anything on ebay before. Obviously, I would like to get as much as I can for it and I would like to find a whizzer like you mentioned.

    A couple of problems:

    I don't know what year my bike is- is there a way to look up the serial # and if so, where on the bike do I find it?

    How do I really know what the "right" price is?

    How/where do I go about finding a decent looking, good running motorbike?

    The gentleman I referred to has his own bike shop (open by appt. usually) and is quite the collector. I could try to trade him or sell it to him outright, but he definitely knows what it's worth and will want to make a profit himself. Any (more) suggestions? Do you know anyone who's been hunting for one of these?

    Thank you very much!
  4. bobby-brazil

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    yes i have a super deluxe monark/firestone bike, i have maybe a solution for you, maybe you could clean up the chrome with fine steel wool, use rubbing compound on the remaining paint to "conserve it" and buy a whizzer motor for it, you'd have a really cool ride and the cost wouldn't set you back to much, then when things get better tear it apart and "do it right" some times the older "original" bikes bring in more interest than a new build
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    Ditto. Clean up the bike as best you can and install a modern engine kit. What a great bike.
  6. Chris Crew

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    Happy Time

    To me, it's more about the elan and style of the motoredbike than its authenticity. I also enjoy the little bit of native shadetree engineering and slight hint of sticking it to the mass production man that seeps out. If it were mine, I would shine it up and slip a Happy Time in. The force must be strong in you to bring you this far--live right and ride around on it some, maybe the original power plant will come to you as well.
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