Mongrel Motor Bike

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  1. Reb

    Reb New Member

    Here is the mongrel motor bike... no pedals for now... just bolts for pegs attached to the bottom bracket shell. 66cc grubee motor on a Schwinn MB frame. Front disc brake, no rear brake. pretty **** fun.

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  2. oologah

    oologah New Member

    What makes these things legal is the ability to peddle them.
  3. Reb

    Reb New Member

    If you have your M2 permit it's legal.
  4. GearNut

    GearNut Active Member

    In California, if you do not have a valid motorcycle license or permit and the bike is not licensed too, you can get a ticket and if the cop is having a bad day, your bike impounded on the spot.

    Check out the MotoredBiking Laws & Legislation section.
    Here's a good thread to read. The thread title is deceiving, but the thread itself is good.

    Edit: you need operational pedals too. ;)
  5. Chalo

    Chalo Member

    Then there's insurance. Washington state does not require M/C insurance; Texas does, even for mopeds. Texas electric bikes and "motor assisted scooters" (a loose category for sub-40cc, sub-2hp vehicles) do not have to carry insurance.

  6. crgintx

    crgintx Guest

    Motored bike laws kind of funny here in Texas

    A motor assisted bike is limited to 40 cc but a moped can be upto 49cc. Some cops are sticklers about motored bike being mopeds, others aren't. Here in Travis Co. there's plenty of folk riding around with the 66cc Chinese motored bike kits and the Co. Sheriff ignores them. Don't know about APD. Wouldn't press my luck in Williamson Co. though. Those guys troll around looking for people to bust.
  7. Reb

    Reb New Member

    I talked to a CHP officer tonight about my bike, and he said that a motorized bike without pedals creates a gray area unlikely to become a problem. He said that in his opinion no additional license is needed, nor is registration. He said a class C license and sensible operation (obeying speed limits, staying in the bike lane, appropriate lights, hand signals, etc.) is all that is needed. He did warn me that a cop "having a bad day" (as Gearnut puts it above) might issue a fix-it ticket (requiring the pedals to be put back on) but he said legally that's all that could be done, and he said that in his opinion that would be a questionable move on the officer's part. So I'm gonna keep my feet on the pegs and my wrist rolled!
  8. Reb

    Reb New Member

    I guess I should add that I live in a fairly rural area in California, where a lot of people ride dirt bikes down the main drag, etc. If I lived in a bigger city, like SF or LA I might be more worried about it, but here I think no one cares one way or the other whether my motorized mountain bike has pedals or not.
  9. GearNut

    GearNut Active Member

    You are very fortunate then.
    I live on the outskirts of San Diego. My neighborhood is a training ground for new Sheriff deputies.
    They just love to earn points any way they can, and the experienced ones tend to lead by example.
    I gotta keep things in check.
    DOT helmet, check.
    CM1 license, check. (you only need an M2 though)
    Bicycle is licensed and plate is on it, check.
    Headlight, check.
    Taillight/ brakelight, oops. No brake light yet.
    Taillight, check.
    Less than 2 hp or 30mph, check (most of the time).
    Adequate brakes, check.
  10. ZipSnipe

    ZipSnipe Member

    Good looking bike Reb, I like it!!!!!

    Breaking the law, breaking the law (imitates Beavis and ******** singing it)
  11. Reb

    Reb New Member

    hey thanks bud! had a great 5 mile ride at sundown tonight along the Salinas river...
  12. skrufryder

    skrufryder Member

    well i live in seattle. I dont run pedals on mine. it has a motor why pedal. Ithats just how I feel. I ride my pedal bike just as much as my mb's. I have asked a few cops about the legality.They pretty much told me they have better things to do than bother with mb's, as long as its under 50cc it dosent have to be liscensed, but you should poses a valid drivers liscense wich I have and a motorcycle liscense. I agree if your going to operate it on the street you should have a valid DL. unfortenatly here you are not able to ride in bike lanes not a legality reason The cyclist here get realy bent up about it. a group of cyclist pulled an older guy of his mb and beat him up pretty good. I stay out of the bike lane only becuse i can keep up with traffic.
  13. GearNut

    GearNut Active Member

    Those people need an attitude adjustment!
  14. Scotchmo

    Scotchmo Member

    You might be OK in Atascadero if law enforcement has better things to do or is unaware of the law regarding these things. Because of the popularity of, and confusion regarding small two wheeled vehicles, the police in San Luis Obispo (15 miles from you) now have a cheat sheet that they can use rather than learn the myriad laws and regulations.

    The cheat sheet does not even cover most equipment requirements. I personally think the laws should be changed to eliminate all these "gray" areas. Requiring pedals just because it is gas rather than electric does not make much since. I could say a lot more but this is the wrong section of the forum for that.

    Do you push start that thing? I like it. Rather than eliminate the pedals entirely, I installed a 3-½" crank and sprocket designed for a child's bike. So I still have token pedals.
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  15. why does this thread have to devolve into nannying whenever someone posts something like this. Free will people! If he wants to run a bike with no pedals, tell him about it and move on, enough of the mothering already.

    BTW the bike looks really awesome Reb
  16. Chalo

    Chalo Member

    Here in TX, "free will" don't come cheap, if you are busted riding without insurance on a vehicle that has to have it. You pay a fat ticket, then another surcharge whenever you renew your license or registration. The process can cost over $2000 before they are done with you.

    And for $2k, you could have a pretty sweet legal bike that doesn't need insurance.

  17. Reb

    Reb New Member

    Ok ok ok... so yes, I do feel a bit mothered, but it's what this forum does best I suppose... anyway, I figured it was worth mentioning that tonight I took a ride down to the grocery store in all my non-pedal, no muffler glory and rode right into a pack (50+) of cops on motorcycles, bikes and squad cars... it's cruise night here in A-town and the fuzz is out in full force. I basically had a police escort (cop car in front and back of me) all the way to the store, and no one batted an eyelash! So I think I'll be fine.
  18. oologah

    oologah New Member

    In the picture it looks like your carb is twisted to the left and not level.
  19. Reb

    Reb New Member

    yeah, my frame is a little small... seems to work ok though... runs like a champ!:evilgrin:
  20. yes, everyone knows that you can get fined if you aren't registering in your state if your state requires it. That's what the legal section of this site is for. I can't force people to leave legal things in the legal area, but I can ***** and moan when it looks like people are mothering.