MonkeyLectric Wheel Lights

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by RogerS, Apr 8, 2009.

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    I have some, They're freakin' fantastic.
    The only drawback is that they're hard to attach completely symmetrical on the wheel so balance can be off a bit. Not really noticeable with weight on the bike but you'll feel it if you're just spinning the wheels to test pattern/color combos out.
    Figure on 2 per wheel you want to light for this reason unless you plan on fabricating some counter weight.
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    Can you get decent light paterns with one unit per wheel?
    I would have no problem making counterweights. It would be tough to justify $130 per wheel.
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    At MB speeds one would probably look fine, once you slow down it'll break up more though.
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    Not sure but I think the police would give you a ticket for them because you would be distracting other drivers. Here in New York the police don't allow a guy to run those under the car lighting neon tubing that don't pulse or anything there just on. The Monkelectric lights even in the daylight those lights are real noticeable, beautiful patterns and colors. If they were legal I would get them but I'm sure there not.
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    I don't know if I would run an MB in New York at all.

    Here in the sticks where it's pitch black at night these things keep motorists far away from me. I generally keep them from cycling colors and patterns to keep them a bit more tame. Running them as orange or yellow seems like the most "legal" way to run these if you've got a big and bored police presence in your area. Yellow is legal on the sides of vehicles still, correct?

    They do not appear to flash while in motion. They just create patterns which can be anywhere from slow and simple with a couple selected colors all the way to fast and wild with something like 12 different colors cycling crazily.

    I believe the PD around here are just happy that I'm making myself visible and not riding like an idiot, getting run over or causing somebody to wreck.
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    Shop around before buying. I saw them on either eBay or yesterday for about $35.00. I'd like to have some for safety, not cuteness, but I want 4 and you know how much that'll cost. But yeah, price shop before buying.
  8. i live in ny and i ride my mb.