Monsanto pails to the oil spill going on.

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  1. They want to genetically engineer seeds that will not reproduce...if that leaks out into nature oil will be the leaste of our worries. I know hybrids don't reproduce but they are doing it on the dna level.

    Practice the old bomb practice bend over and kiss your arse goodby.
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    Hybrids, depending on the degree of differentiation between the parental stocks, do in fact reproduce - their progeny just sort out by Mendelian ratios. If the difference is great enough, the progeny are likely to be sterile - the classic example being a mule - the offspring of a donkey and a horse. All of that - ALL of it - is determined at "the DNA level", whether the hybrid is produced by sexual reproduction, or by genetic engineering.

    What is new is the ability to produce hybrids that contain genes from utterly unrelated species - that can still occur by natural processes, but the odds are very small.

    Molecular biology is simply the application of scientific knowledge to relatively old problems, accelerating the rate of change. We have always bred crops and animals for desired characteristics throughout history. Take a look at domestic sheep, then look at the mouflon, their progenitors. Very little resemblance for most breeds of domestic sheep.

    Or dogs - every breed from teacup poodles to russian mastiffs are completely inter-fertile, yet they barely resemble one another in many ways.
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    what was the problem with the op??? Haven't they been doing that for a while???

    Thats reason my emergency supplies include enough genetically unmodified seeds to cover 5 acres. Cant trust the wal-mart or home depot seeds.... the seed companies want your $$$ too bad.
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    They have been doing this for quite some time, and unfortunately their seeds are leaking out into nature. Some of their seeds have already made it down into rural mexican areas. So not only do farmers have to pay Monsanto's prices for seeds, they have to do it EVERY SEASON, and if they try saving some seeds for the next season, Monsanto sues them. If pollen from a farm using monsanto seeds blows over to a farm not using monsanto seeds, monsanto will sue them for copyright infringement. Monsanto is bad news. They push their genetically modified soy into every aspect of our lives, even though it hasn't been fully tested to see if it has any long term health effects. I can't stand monsanto.
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    ahh ha... I see. So what you are saying is that isn't necessarily an ecological disaster as much a legal fiasco????

    I am interested, how do you sue somebody for something the farmer has no control over.... IE cross pollination???
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    Easy, infringement rights!
    If you dont have the right to grow it then when there little Monsanto ******rs come by and find there plant on your field without rights you get screwed and they take everything! Watch King Corn it explains it all.
  7. The future of food

    The future of food is more in depth IMO than the corn vid but the real issue is if the suicide gene gets into grass or any other plant we is skewed. Any plant that comes from seed. Monsanto has raped farmers all over Canada USA U name it they are cornering the market on food they bought up all the seed companies they could and even if seed spilled on you land the Masonic judges don't care.
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    The movie food inc also covers monsanto a lot. One of the big problems with them is that many people who used to be high up in monsanto are now high up in our government. Clarence Thomas used to be one of their top lawyers. Former monsanto employees also work for the FDA, so of course the FDA will say things like "eat genetically engineered soy products, they're GREAT for you!". I would actually recommend to everyone to watch Food Inc, just so you can be educated about what you put in your mouth.

    And yes, Monsanto sues for copyright infringement. Even if they can't win and they know they can't, they'll still try. A farmer with 500,000 dollars of loans for equipment, that makes 20 grand a year, does not have the money to legally fight one of the largest companies in the world, and they know that. So they'll start a lawsuit and run farmers bankrupt. They are a nasty, nasty group. By the way, this food/seed company also made agent orange. Here's a fun list about them:
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    sounds like a good group of guys. Karma is a b****. Nobody is exempt.
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    Unfortunately I don't foresee anything bad happening to monsanto for a long time. They were recently voted company of the year or something similar by forbes or someone like that. (sorry, can't remember exactly what is was). They have so many former employees currently working high up in the US government, FDA, EPA, that it's really hard to bring them to justice. About all you can do is grow fruits and vegetables yourself, maybe buy directly from farmers at farmers' markets, to avoid monsanto.
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    Here's an interesting clip concerning Monsanto and FOX news.
    The media at it's worst and Monsanto at it's usual.
    There's a ton of this type of corruption just waiting to be exposed, right at your fingertips, IF you spend a few minutes looking for it.....
    Something keeps replaying in the back of my mind, ...............**** in a hand basket perhaps?
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