Monster 80 79cc Spark Plug?


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Jan 13, 2018
I need to know what spark plug would be a good replacement. Kings motor bikes has the absolute worst customer service, (and i'm a repeat customer) even going out of their way to be jerks about my tracking info then ignoring my emails, then being jerks again by sending links to two stroke videos because I kept asking for help...after being on hold for over 40mins back to back of course.

So any help I get will be GREATLY appreciated as I also will be homeless soon and have a lot of driving to do.

Any info on running a hotter plug when it's cold outside?
How cold should it be outside to use a hotter plug?

Will a 44 tooth sprocket be fine for me 160lbs with like 80lbs cargo? Do you notice a difference in power with a hot plug? Thank you.

And thank you to CrazyDan, I didn't know I could start posts.


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Dec 2, 2013
I've got the same motor in a water pump. an ngk bp5hs has served me well. it's not so much that you should run a hotter plug when it's colder out as much as it is that you can get away with it easier. find a plug that works year round and stick with it would be my advice. do you know anyone who changes the plugs in their car every time the weather changes? winter plugs and summer plugs is only something racers would really care about.

a 44 tooth will be fine hauling that so long as you don't have much in the way of hills. I think it's safe to say that you have legs if you're considering a motorized bike, so you can use them to help you out on any of the nastier hills if necessary.