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    Hey all, does anyone here have any experience in dealing with these folks? I ordered my kit from them last week and it was supposed to be in my hands today or tomorrow. Well I called them today and Im told itll be shipped today or thurs of this week RRRRRRRR. I had to call to find this out and am not a happy camper, I know chit happens but hey tell me ya know. This is not a good start to a satisfied customer. I spent $777.00 with those folks and where Im at thats alot of $$$$$$$$$$............Im glad I paid with a credit card!

  2. Must be one nice kit. Do you have a link to a web site, or link to your kit?
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    the guy who runs monster is a member (zemus de)
    his dad owns dimension edge I believe
    just passing out some info for ya
  5. That does look like a nice kit. Which one did you order?
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    Some of these dealers have a set day that they ship out their orders. If you ordered the day or day after they shipped their last orders there might have been a 5 or 6 day delay that you didn't expect. Your kit will're in a hyper state of " I want it now"! We've all been will have fun!
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    Hey Jim I apreciate your input but I was told it would be here today or yesterday not shipped tues or thurs...........anyway yes I am looking foward to getting it itll be fun. I think its a nice kit and I think I made the right choice in the motor. Im just not sure I would have been satisfied with a 33cc motor even though their fine motors. Im not into speed but when I hit a hill I want the bike to go ya know. I could talk all nite but hey im waiting.................
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    All Honda 50 kits ordered before 5/27 where shipped out Wednesday 5/28. If you still havent recieved it, PM me and i can get you a tracking number. But I am confident you should have it soon. Others arleady have recieved theirs'.

    We included three urethane gear rollers, premium for the Honda. Get some sunglasses. You will need them. Call us if you haven't recieved it.

    Rob or Mac 1800652 8495
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    Recieved it Im happy! Its been a challenge to figure out how to adjust everything and get it right especially getting the clutch lever to work correctly, I finally was able to do it. I can see now where some bikes work better than others. Im aware these kits are designed genericlly to fit the best for alot of different bikes but if I did it over again the mongoose comfort bike I have wouldnt be my 1st choice but I already had the bike so its going to work! I say comfort bike but its more of a mountain bike design. I havnt rode it yet but will let yall know how it goes.
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    SAFETY: Our transmission allows any bicyclist to start the engine with the recoil starter or engage the system while riding and the engine will start automatically. Just apply any throttle setting needed to climb hills, putt around, or pull trailers on the highway. The aspen, urethane, and aggregate drive gears, all in different interchangeable ratios, propel the bike while being easier on the frame and tires of any bicycle. No chains to throw oil all over, or rust and derail. No fan belts to burn up, slip when wet, or grab loose clothing
    I was reading this and how does riding a motorized bike on the highway, pulling a trailor, equate to safety!?
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    Lol, that is my dad, rob, trying to eloquently say the friction drive Dimension Edge uses has less integration into the bike, and far less moving parts. because of this, it is safer. He probably just added the "Just apply any throttle setting needed to climb hills, putt around, or pull trailers on the highway". Sorry if it confused ya.

    If your havin any mounting trouble post some pics(where mounting locations are, etc), and I might have some ideas to help things run more smoothly. There are to many ways to mount these things on any given bike.
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    I checked that URL out Darwin and they don't really tell you much. The blurb on the Honda seems very much like it was written by someone whose first language is Chinese. There are no close up pictures or assembly instructions - in fact although it may well be a great product there is no way I would want to buy it on so little information so badly presented. People really want to see how their gearing etc works and how it is put together. It says that there is more on the gearing on their Accessories page but there isn't.
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    Well I ride my motorized bicycle on the highway and in town and do it quite safely. The DE setup is quite simple. I have a 49 cc with several differens size of rollers. Once you get the gp between the roller and the tire when it is not engged set, the little drlins will fly.
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    monster inc.

    I have my kit almost together, Im here to say you spnd 770$ ive worked with them and they have have answered my questions . I M waiting/
    for my edge 2000 that cost 700 n 71 dolllars
    to be delivered
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    Well the bolt that fits into the drive shaft finally came by snail mail and this thing works like a dream.The honda motor is alot more quiet than I thought it would be and has alot of torque. This system is pretty much idiot proof once you get it fine tuned and is a pleasure to drive. This company has answered all my questions with patience and knowledge on their part. 2 parts were missing in the original shipment but once they were alerted they corrected the mistake immediately. I give these guys a thumbs up all the way and would recommend them to anyone. GREAT SYSTEM MONSTER!
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    The web site was originally done by an outside source. It never got finished, so mid-way through 07 I started re-working it when I came back to work for DE. Well in November I left town to start our winter tour of trade shows. When I returned in February, the server the site was run through got updated and no longer supports my web-editing software. Since then DE has been FAR to busy to get any work done to the Monsterbicycle website.

    Hopefully here in the future we will have more manpower here at the shop, I will keep my website updated better. Until then use For your information, is the template to replace just thought that may clear some confusion there.