Monster engine hard to start

Discussion in 'Friction Drive' started by Trip, Nov 5, 2010.

  1. Trip

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    First of all, thanks to all who answered my post on tire wear. I think I've sorted that one out with the good advice I got here.

    Now I'm having problems getting my Monster Scooter Parts chinese replacement engine to start when it's cold. Once it's running it's great, and starts on the first pull when it's warm. Getting it started initially, though, takes several dozen pulls. I thought it would get better after a few hours run-in time, but it hasn't.

    I also thought it might be the flimsy stock choke, so I bought a velocity stack with a new choke plate and lever. That hasn't changed things a bit, though.

    Anyone dealt with this problem?

  2. adb140275

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    you are using the primer, right? the primer pumps air out of the carb and fuel into the carb (does not shoot fuel through the venturi like on lawnmowers)
  3. Trip

    Trip New Member

    Yes, I've been priming it first. I have the tank in a saddle bag on the other side of the friction drive unit, and there's a lot of fuel line between the tank and both the carb and the primer bulb. I wondered if that might be the problem.

    I may have it sorted out, though, with the help of a teenager (a humbling experieince). While I tried to start it today he gave it some throttle and it cranked on the third pull. He gave me his best "duh!" for that one....
  4. masterx1234

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    hey trip, i have got the same exact motor and let me tell you what might be wrong, be sure to check the bolts holding the intake manifold on the motor .because just after i put 300 miles on mine, i noticed it wouldn't start until like 30 pulls at-least, i thought maybe the carb was real dirty so i took it off to give it a good cleaning and in my surprise I noticed that the allen-bolt holding the intake manifold to the motor was loose!, which was causing a major air-leak, and soon after i tightened the bolts back the motor ran better than it ever has before and started in one pull. it even boosted in 4-5 mph!
  5. Whizzerd

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    Ditto previous post. Many of my F/D engines need a little tweak on the carb flange bolts after a few hundred miles. Take it EZ there. Just a tweak. Don't crack the plastic filler block. The small engines w/ diaphragm carbs start like a weedwhacker. Need a little throttle to start.
  6. Trip

    Trip New Member

    Thanks guys! I'll check all the bolts on the carb.