Montongomery Wards 1930's 66 cc engine/jack shaft assembley

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    This project has been one of the most difficult it is my first engine/jack shaft assembly includes a slightly larger than 50 mm bracket adapter. The position of this engine has been changed slightly the engine mounts re drilled "lowered" to allow more accurate alignment of sprockets and chains and will employ at least one 1/2 link before final assembly is completed. OK, problems with the engine/jackshaft mount include inaccurate centerlines which need be corrected a 10 -11-17 t sprocket configuration 2 piece 3/16" x 1/2" stainless steel chain and 1/8'' x 1/2" final drive a lock for each side of the Nexus 3 speed A7 wheel at rear for this set and natural diamond @~.8mm set in epoxy on bike frame to lock steer tube pressure plate for employ of Lucas #2 generously to cut friction and noise. As well intended use one the wheel set to bite into silver break pad attached to set of side pull brake front rear starting off with rear first the .999 silver filed to ride over the setting intended. Should make a nice parts per billion plate when warmed up and put to use employ a total of 32 stones per wheel and test. I estimate this bike with the pill bottle CDI enhance to easily exceed 50 mph and brake extremely well also offer improved fuel economy and will have a decent speedo and cam when completed in hopes soon...

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    Neat bike did you have any issues when putting those forks on?
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    The steering cut off and replaced with a 1'' diameter bolted and epoixied to the billet no room for head set,it employs a set of race top and bottom will lucas #2 the diamond locked in place once tighten sufficently the tiny stones will lock it like an over size locking washer. That's my estimate likely it will work also slight message with file to the forks to get wheel in place. Setting is solid should hold up or no they fit like a glass slipper take your pick man..thanks for whatching ..
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    Yeah need i continue upon removing the fork set to install the 1 1/8 would no fit thus the steer tube was punch out with a hammer this set has a steel ring fitted that allows crude changing the diamenter of the tube i had an aluminum tube i cut 2 one inch diamenter epoxied it then bolted it back togeteher with ~1/4 diameter stainless steel and locking washer.