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Discussion in 'Bicycle Repair' started by crabdance, Jun 26, 2008.

  1. crabdance

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    I had to remove the brake pads to remove my rear tire but I'm afraid I undid too much stuff. Now my brakes are messed up. They don't grab as much and squeak when they do. They don't catch until you get close to the end of the pull on the brake lever.

    I know that this might not be enough to go on but I need some help trying to put it back to factory settings. I have the owners manual but it doesn't help me a lot. Can anyone put it in plain English what I need to do?

    thanks everyone,

  2. CheapskateNH

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    Quick and dirty fix

    Here' a Cheap-A-Riffic fix for you crabdance- On the brake lever where you squeeze, there should be a little tip where the brake cable comes in: it's threaded. Un-screw it a little bit to put some extra tension on the brake cable, this should cause the brakes to catch sooner in your "pull." The proper way to fix this would be to tighten the brakes I think, but every time I try to tighten brakes, I seen to spend forever trying to get them to not rub. You could try this: too. Hope this helps. -Evan
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    There's a "hook" built into one of the brake pad holders that holds the cable jacket. Squeeze the pads closer to the rim with your fingers and loosen the tension on the brake cable. The cable jacket should back out of the hook, up and over, a quick release setup.
  4. crabdance

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    Thanks for the help everyone. I appreciate it. I will let you all know how it goes. I have some personal things I'm having to work on right now then I will get to the brakes.

  5. Alan

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    The pads are too low on the rim. Loosen the nut, slide the pad up slightly, and tighten the nut. Both pads.
    That's all you need to do.
  6. It could be the other way around as well. You could be braking on the tire itself.
    It took a bit of tweaking to get it just right, but it's possible. I live in a steep hilly area, so brakes are life and death to me.:shock:
    I actually did exactly the opposite to get my brakes just right. I held them to make contact against the rim, and then set my lever adjustment screw all the way out. Then I kept turning it in until it was set just right. IOW - adjusted too tight, and used the lever adjustments to loosen them off the rim. I found that every time I adjusted out, due to the design of the brake, one side was always too far away to make contact to the rim. I was able to have them adjust perfect in two tries when I did it the opposite way.

    Hope that helps,

    Troy Fitz.
  7. crabdance

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    Well, I'm an idiot...

    Well, this dummy just got his neighbor to help and he fixed my brakes in about 2 minutes. All I needed to do was take up some slack on the brake cable. Boy do I feel dumb. I kept looking for it to be something complicated. Well... Now it's fixed and my brakes are working great again. Thanks for all the help everyone. I really appreciate it. At least now I know what to do the next time if something like this happens. Easy fix... as long as you know about it.. lol.
  8. Alan

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    This has nothing to do with the Moon Dog brakes. Just an advertisement.
    All three post are identical. No intro. :confused:
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    don't feel like an idiot, that's how anyone learns. also i think there is a site called the bicycle tutor that you can find most bike adjustments with pics, that allways helps me.
  10. crabdance

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    Thanks man. I know that's how people learn... just have a lot to learn, I guess. I will check out the bike tutor site. I've been there once before and I will try and find it again. Thanks crazeehorse!
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    hey this is something that helped me i seen the guy do it at the bike shop there is a metal rod that runs next to the brake arms if you have a pad dragging you can un hook it bend it the other way this will get your pad off the rim and he also took some emery cloth held the brake lever sanded them down a bit and also i was told you can put 2 credit cards at the rim loosen the cable let down the brake handle adj. squeeze them together tighting them up there i got the one handle brake level for 2 brakes i love that thing i just trued my wheels up the other day for 10 bucks
  12. lildeezul

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    I have a problem with my brakes.

    MY front and back bracks, ( the left side) when i pull the brakes, will back off the rim when i let go of the lever, but the right side of the brakes keep intact with my rim, they dont have any spring action to go back to normal position.
    and ideas ?
  13. Scottm

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    Don't feel like an idiot crab, on my first MB I put the pads on upside down/backwards. They squeeled louder than the clutch taking off and the motor itself.
    IMO this is a great website for learning about and repairing brakes.
    Find your type of brakes and follow links to repair and maintenance. It even addresses squeeling.
    My most common problems were simply dealt with the placemenet of the spring pin on the brake mounts and also just using the small spring adjuster screw sticking out of the side of the brake.
    God Bless and RIP Sheldon Brown.