Moon Dog Fender Problem. BEWARE!!!

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Firemarshal, Jul 7, 2008.

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    I wanted to pass on a possible Moon Dog fender problem. Today was my maiden voyage to work on my new Moon Dog 80cc motor bicycle. The 14 mile ride in was great, the ride home was not.
    The top mount for the front fender broke. I'm guessing the vibration broke cheap metal. The fender then dropped catching the tread of the tire locking it up and sending me over the handlebars somewhere between 15 and 20mph. I lucked out with minor road rash, but broke the clutch lever and bent the pedal arm. I was able to take the fender off and get the bike started t get me the last 7 miles home, but not after hurting my pride and my bike.
    I checked all fasteners multiple times, but the break was right aross the middle of the mounting hole. Please check yours so you don't go for a flight like I did.

    Also I now need a lutch handle. Any one have one for cheap $$?


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  3. Firemarshal

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    I wish I had read those earlier! I have to say it was a You Tube worthy! I even had a witness although I don't know who it was. It felt like slow motion and I knew when the fender dropped I was going for a ride. Up and over. Tucked my head and shoulder in and rolled like a rag doll. It actually helped as I rally got minimal rash but will probably be a little sore tomorrow.
    Although the bike is a blast I am selling it to a family member for their camp. The risks outweigh the benefits at this point. Was fun while it lasted.
    Ride Safe!
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    I guess these fenders are notorious for breaking, i've read probably 20 different posts saying be careful with them.

    I think a guy on here, Carrot, says he runs his fenders slightly loose, with threadlocker on the bolts, so the bolts arent tight enough to crack the metal...
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    Yeah, I've since found multiple threads since. I took it off and threw it in the ditch to get home. I emailed custmer service at Pacific Cycles. They'll probably say something like "Our bikes aren;t intended for such use", but thought they ought to know their product is hurting people who are looking for a little fun and gas savings.
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    Mine kept coming loose and after I heard all the horror stories about the front fender I took mine off. I'm glad that you were not hurt too bad. It could have been a lot worse. I'm glad that I took mine off... and you just reminded me how glad. Hang in there man... things will get better.
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    all true

    I don't think that will be suitable.
    it's the vibration that cracks the metal...(looser = more room to vibrate)
    use stonger metal, or....
    take the dang fender off.
  8. Alan

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    I have nylon washers, but I think A small L bracket would be the more permanent solution. Even fenderless.

    Good thing you weren't hurt worse. :eek:
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  9. I built one for my boss (Friend). Good ole boy Cranbrook it is. and He came back with some nasty road rash Said the fender mount couldnt take the vibration. He was Cruisin up his road looked over seen his neighbor neighbor looked up by the time he looked up to see my boss my boss was out of sight and he should of been able to see him for quite some distance so he walked up to the road where my boss was and seen that he'd got in a wreck. Hey them were some nasty road rash. Needless to say he went Plastic after that. Oh yeah he went put a new wheel on and fenderless went on a treck anyway. Thats cool there. I felt bad. There was a Cranbrook that was recalled due to the handle bars loosening up but the fender mount? Dang. Shoot feeling Dang ole' Real bad just by talkin about it. CRANBROOK FENDERS NEED TO COME OFF AND EVALUATE BRACKETS! PLEASE!
  10. wow - sorry to hear about your accident. I think I am taking mine off and putting on some plastic mountain bike ones I saw for sale the other day. I go too fast down my hill to work everyday to have to worry about something like that. Thanks for sharing your story. I'm sure it will sway some opinions to remove them.

    Troy Fitz.
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    Get some 1/8x3/4in stock aluminum and bend it to match the bottom curve of the fenders. Sand, epoxy or rtv silicone and drill for extra rigid fenders. I've never done this myself but I would bet its easily done and would solidify the whole fender and make it much more resistant to breaking or bending. The only issue I could see coming from this would be tire clearance depending on how they're mounted.
  12. too easy!

    Picture's speak louder than words, so here you go:
    What I did: I took a piece of chrome bar stock I had, and made an "L" bracket that I mounted on the front side of the fender support. When looking at the pic's, you will notice I made sure to keep the mounting location at the bolt to the frame very thick since that is the break point location of the stock fender mount.
    The bracket is 1" high and 1" wide on the fender. You do not want to exceed 1" because there is a lip on the fender that is raised, and you want to be flush to the fender. c-pic.
    I used a 13/64" drill bit, and elongated the hole a little bit to allow for a perfect fit.
    The distance from the fender mount to the custom mount is 1 1/4" - (c-pic with measuring tape)
    I deflated the tire, pushed down on it, and was able to roll the new mount already secured to the fender under the frame to it's front mounting position with no problems at all.
    I thought I would need to grind down the back side of the bolt I used to mount the bracket, but it has plenty of clearance. - c pic - (if you magnify this one, you can kinda see the screw head under the fender)
    Notice, all bolts are secured with nyloc nuts. I highly advise you do this.
    I could always paint the mount black to blend it in, but I think I like it chrome better. It looks good w/ the brake assembly.
    Final result: looks like it was meant to be there:grin:

    Fast, easy and no more worries!!

    Troy Fitz.

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    That's exactly what i'm talkin' about. Good job. Go black, you won't go back.

    :grin: Alan
  14. ALAN: - thanks.

    Yeah, I felt secure w/ my nyloc's also UNTIL, this thread finally detailed the actual break location. I knew it was the bracket, but could never find out the exact spot - until now.
    The time it took to do this simple mod was well worth the security I now have in my bike's safety and ride-ability.

    Troy Fitz.
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  15. Alan

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    Now I gotta find time to do mine.
    I'm thinking maybe, "L" bracket and original bracket together, one clad over the other, for a nice double thick bracket.
    Either way, I wouldn't worry about it failing anytime soon. The other weak spot is the seat clamp. The welds are garbage on mine. Every time I adjust my seat, I cringe when tightening the quick release lever. A good bolt clamp would be better. Especially since we have nice seats, that can be stolen with the flip of a lever.
  16. Devil's Advocate

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    A rubber washer would probably also help to absorb the vibration.

    (Edited: I just saw the posts about Nylon washers, my bad.)
  17. butterbean

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    I never run fenders for this exact reason. If I buy a bike that comes with fenders, first thing I do is remove and toss. They look stupid anyway.