Moped man considering converting a Honda NC50 to bike engine.

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    Good day everyone.

    My current favorite vehicle is a 1982 Honda PA50II that I've been continually tinkering with and upgrading and is in rather nice shape. This thread has nothing to do with it.

    This concerns a 1978 Honda NC50 that I bought for cheap and is in really rough shape. I haven't done a lot of work on it yet to see if it's salvageable, but if the engine is trashed I may want to convert it into a frankenped. (So I think that a forum like this one would be the right place to be to start getting familiar.)


    Why you ask? Several reasons.

    In my state of North Dakota, mopeds and motorized bicycles technically need to be registered and insured. The whole system is a bit of a cluster though, as the local authorities have no idea what to do to register an unregistered bike frame and neither do the hire ups in the state and most people simply ignore the law as do the cops, but those people live in rural areas, while I live in one of the larger cities, Grand Forks, and can't get away with that, especially when I ride on the semi-main thoroughfares to get to work.

    To avoid all that I could use an existing TITLED moped frame, of which my NC50 is. No vehicle inspection or anything, I could put a 20 horse Briggs and Stratton on it if I wanted and as long as I have the license plate and current tags I know I wouldn't be bothered.:whistling:

    I'm of course not planning on doing that though. I've thought about putting together a high MPG scooter to compliment my PA50II, of which I seems to either be a gas hog or has a fuel leak somewhere. (Believe it or not, my PA50 is a chick magnet for some reason.) Given that the nearest hill is 20 miles from where I live, a small engine will not be a problem. A 32CC 2-stroke or 25CC 4-stroke. I lean to the 2 stroke given their simplicity and think that offsets the decreased mileage I may get.

    Now to show why I think this would be a good idea. This is what the bare frame of an NC50 looks like.


    The left engine crankcase is actually the structural component that connects the rear wheel and the suspension to the frame. Sell that stuff for parts and I can build a new rear end to attach to the frame that will allow me to use all or part of a bike engine kit. I was thinking perhaps a chain drive, but I an still in the brainstorming stages.

    One problem I foresee is that I will be retaining the front fork, wheels, and handlebars as they are in good shape and the drum brakes it has will be good to have. The stock wheels are 14" and I'd probably want to stick to something 20" or less. Not sure if I should use a rack mount engine or if I would be better to mount it lower in the new arm for the rear wheel I would be building.

    Any thoughts on this idea.