"Moped" (motorbike) laws in Nebraska

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  1. Hey guys,
    I looked up the laws in NE about motorbikes and they're considered mopeds here. Everything about the bike I'm building in legal, I'm just not sure if I need head and tail lights. I also don't know about blinkers, but with those I think I'll be alright with just hand signals. I looked over the laws a few times and can't find anything; I figured I'd ask you guys to see if you knew anything.

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    I know that the law in Wisconsin is that all motorcycles and mopeds have to have "always on" head and tail lights, but motorbikes by law here are not considered mopeds. Legally required or not, head- and tail-lights are a gosh darned good idea. My current build also has a brake light and turn signals. Hand signals are probably sufficient by law (lots of Harley riders use hand signals instead of turn signal lights all the time).