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    I want to build a bike that will handle heavy duty tires. What sizes and kinds of tire do mopeds use?
    Maybe there are light weight motor cycle tires?

    I will not add a motor until I get enough money and that can take a few years, because of the battery technology is very expensive now. So I need to build it light enough to pedal without a motor. My legs still work very good for 63 years.

    But I eventually want to use a Nuvinci hub with belt drive.

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    Check out some of those new fat tire bikes, tires are 5 or 6 inches wide. Ever see a Yamaha tw200? They would feel like riding one of those vs a reg dirtbike.
  4. jawnn

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    tread thickness

    But they all use bicycle tires?

    what about 20"?
    what size rims?

    I need something with extra thick tread. That's why I was thinking about a light motorcycle tire.
  5. MotorBicycleRacing

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    Very few of the racers use moped tires since we allowed them
    which changed the bicycle tires only rule. Motorcycle tires are
    still not allowed.

    however the only tires that fits a bicycle rim is like a Pirelli ML 75 which
    is cheap and has heavy duty tread.

    2 1/2 - 16 42J REINF
    2 3/4 - 16 46J REINF

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  6. jawnn

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    thick tread

    I am not interested in racing. Just purely for commuting with cargo.

    3 inch tires would be ok, but does any company make a 2 inch tire with thick tread??
  7. MotorBicycleRacing

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    No one said you had to be into racing but if there was a moped or
    motorcycle tire that fit a bicycle rim one of the racers would have found it.

    The only moped tires that fits a bicycle rim are the 16" sizes.

    The Pirelli ML 75 come in:

    2 1/2 - 16 42J REINF
    2 3/4 - 16 46J REINF

    They have a very thick tread and wear well with great handling
    but they fit 20" bicycle rims which measure 16" diameter.

    They are too small for any bike I would want to ride.

    If you want to use moped rims or wheels or motorcycle rims
    you can use any tire you want but it will be expensive.
  8. jawnn

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    moped tires

    Please tell me about moped rims.....sizes available and maybe a link to some pictures. I never get enough time on the internet to find things....or sort them out that is.

    How thick are poped tires?
  9. MotorBicycleRacing

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    No, thanks, but here are some pics of what is possible.

    Meano Larry's stunning # 999 race bike uses motorcycle rims and tires.

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  10. MotorBicycleRacing

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    magriders # 8 water cooled 50 cc Morini uses 17" moped wheels and tires.

  11. MotorBicycleRacing

    MotorBicycleRacing Well-Known Member

    Culvercityclassic's 200 cc race bike uses Maxxis hookworm bicycle tires
    on super wide rims.

  12. jawnn

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    I realy don't like bicycle tires, they wear out too fast
  13. 5-7HEAVEN

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    I like my 26 x 2.35 Schwalbe Big Apple tires. They're actually 26.73" diameter. I don't like how easily they fet flat from thorns, screws, staples. Thick tubes, kevlar tire liners don't work well enough for my 12-mile commute to work. I like cheap fixes, so I bought these 17" moped tires and tubes:

    I also bought these wheels for a different project:

    I'm gonna have the LBS respoke these wheels to my bicycle hubs. Using 12g spokes might be a major project for the shop, so I'm gonna ask them to use 13-14g SS spokes. I've never broken a front spoke before, and the last spoke I broke was a year ago. These tires should stop flat tires from thorns or even small screws, I would think. Of course the bike's gonna look goofy, but functional. I use disc brakes, so no worry about v-brakes mismatch. Only problem is that the chainring sprocket's ground clearance drops from 9" to 6.4", and the derailleur's tensioner's ground clearance drops from 6.5" to 3.8"! The tires clear my dropouts ok. Gear ratios will lower dramatically, as well as top speed. In 8th gear, speed @ 7500rpm is 39.8mph. These short tires drop speed to 31.7mph. My first gear is super low @ 46.36:1 and 8th gear is 15:1. That changes to 57:1 and 18.8:1, respectively. Thankfully, changing my engine sprocket from 11t to 14t raises the gear ratios back to 36.43:1 and 14.75:1, respectively. Top speed @ 7500rpm will increase to 40.4mph.

    I believe this is the least expensive way of converting to moped tires. The bike will look funky, but I'd rather not be fixing flats as often as I am now (twice in 100 miles). If I wasn't commuting to work, I'd live with the problem of flat tires. Hope this helps.
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  14. jaguar

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    What size rims did you mount the moped tires on?
  15. 5-7HEAVEN

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    These are "RIGIDA" moped rims. One is 17" x 2" wide; it's stamped "2.75/17", prolly tire size. My tires are 17 x 2.25. The other wheel is 17" x 1.5" wide. These tires are stiff and VERY hard to mount. I'm gonna wait until the bike hubs are installed. Prolly need a moped tire iron to install these tires. Gonna try with soap and bike tools first.

    Update: It took 15 minutes' effort to mount the moped tire.
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  16. darwin

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    Like to see pics of 17" wheels on a frame designed for 26" wheels, might look a tad bit unusual.
  17. SunkyWorks

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    2.00-17 IRC NR58 Moped, not sure about thickness.

    This is what I bought:
    Shinko SR714 F/R Moped tire - 2.25L-16/Black
    rated for over 70 mph.

    They fit nice on 20" cheap bmx 48 spoke steel rims, the sides are more sloped than Aluminum ones.

    Sidewalls are thicker than bike tires, tread not so much.

    Deacon's 20" (16" moped) bike wheels (from other forum):

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  18. 5-7HEAVEN

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    Lol, I imagine it'll look funky. I already look odd, with motorcycle helmet, dirt bike chest protector, knee/shin pads, forearm/elbow pads, gloves and work boots, AND a full backpack.
  19. SunkyWorks

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    Xtracycle EdgeRunner and EdgeRunner Electric, a new longtail cargo bike with 20" wheel for a more stable and smoother ride.


    not sure were this one came from:
    (MAB was built)

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  20. 5-7HEAVEN

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    Good to know it'll be more stable and smoother ride. It'll be good for my short legs too, lol.