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Moped won't start. Cranks hard but won't turn over- no spark.


New Member
Sep 29, 2017
50 cc Chinese scooter. After fueling up, I was turning on a road and my moped died. I put in the highest grade gas. I've charged and replaced the battery and the engine sounds like it's trying to start but just won't catch (sounds like what a car sounds like when it's dead). My break lights work so I don't think it's the battery. I can see gas in the clear round piece and I can smell it if I'm down by the engine while trying to start it. I've replaced spark plug, CDI box, and engine coil and there is still no spark. Kick start makes no noise. Help!


In memory of Frankenstein 1991 - 2018
Jun 24, 2016
Did you check the carb for crap?

Did you check that the plug was even sparking?

Is there a kill switch anywhere you can disconnect?

Will not turn over

It's not sparking, so my guess is that the only thing left to attempt to fix that is to replace the stator. It won't even start when I kick start it. Electric starter get it to crank.