Mophat Mopeds (New Haven, CT)

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Canku wicasa, Jul 2, 2012.

  1. Canku wicasa

    Canku wicasa New Member

    Anybody ever heard of or done busness with this outfit? Presently considering their "Old Red" kit.

  2. Canku wicasa

    Canku wicasa New Member

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  3. loquin

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    Note that all three models say they feature a "chrome plated springer fork" but only the first model photo actually shows a springer fork (and that one doesn't appear to be chrome)
  4. Canku wicasa

    Canku wicasa New Member

    Yes, I immediately noticed that upon reviewing the ad. Sent them an e-mail several days ago making inquiry relative to that fact and other relevent questions. To date, no reply has been forthcoming. It's vacation season so perhaps they're out of the shop for a few days. However, my instincts leave me a bit leary of this business establishment. Continued research has led me to other production manufactured bikes, all of which seem a bit pricey. Not so much in relation to their fair market value as to my particular willingness to spend. I always admired Whizzers (slobber, slobber, drool, drool) and, in fact, was thinking of one when I began my quest for a motorized bicycle. However, research (including my time spent at this site) indicates that, as is, the contemporary Whizzer may not be such a good value. As I understand it, they are not particularly reliable absent significant aftermarket upgrades. To me, those upgrades render the cost of owning one prohibitive. Moreover, I can't seem to find any siginificant information on them subsequent to 2009.

    At the moment, I am costing out a self-designed four stroke toothed belt machine of heavy build (after first considering a two stroke light build utilizing the Huffy Cranbrook). My sensibilities are decidely old school, style and quality are as important to me as economy. I hope to gain something upon which I can reasonably rely for genuine transportation. Though in my state almost anything requires a license and insurance, a motorized bike provides the means of avoiding significant outlays of cash in comparison to automobiles (even if the initial investment is as much as an inexpensive used car).
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  5. Max-M

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    Looks like Mophat is no longer active. Their website has all of the signs: 2010 copyright date. Links that go nowhere, etc. It's too bad that guys like this don't take down their websites when the business doesn't get off the ground, or goes belly up. There are so many examples of this phenomenon in the motorized bicycle world.