Moral Conscience

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  1. safe

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    Moral Conscience

    "Going Green" appears to be controlled by some very evil people with a socialist agenda that is trying to devastate the worlds economies and very possibly enslave us all in the end. (their long term goal)

    We (motored bikers) have become addicted to these "toys" and continue to develop them by making them better. We are sort of innocently addicted.

    At times one feels like a Nazi Scientist who is involved with the technology but somewhat blind to the moral implications of assisting in a cause that has an unsavory agenda.

    How do people here resolve their moral reservations about "Going Green"?


    I'm finding it harder and harder to have a positive self image of what I'm doing because of the external political implications of it. :ack2:

    People with gas powered bikes probably don't have the same level of moral reservations because it's still gasoline, but for the pure electric the symbolic place it holds now is more difficult.

    :D Other people feeling the same way?

    This is Christmas time... a time when getting yourself "right" with the larger picture is important. (good to do it once a week, but if not that at least once a year)
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  2. Mountainman

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    Al Gore can take his private plane

    We Ain't Going Green Here

    not worring about going green
    up here on the mountain top
    Al Gore can take his private plane put it where the sun don't shine
    be just fine for the so called weather cop !!

    all this will come to an end my friend
    just when the Mighty one upstairs wants it to
    and no matter how much we try to save
    there's noTHING that WE could ever do !!

    except -- ride that THING

  3. professor

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    VERY well put Mountainman!
    Safe- you could always put cards in your spokes. If you simulated a gas bike, would you feel better?
    You are right though, about those who want to enslave us some more, who are using the green agenda and supporting it.
  4. kerf

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    Announcing the opening of Kerf's Motored Bike Carbon Credits LLC. Now everyone can ride environmentally guilt free by buying carbon offset credits from me. For every dollar I receive, I will plant one turnip green plant, to help consume the excess CO2.


    Two Stroke

    $10 Per Month, $100 Per Year or $1000 Lifetime

    Four Stroke

    $7.50 Per Month, $75.00 Per Year or $750.00 Lifetime

    Act now to enjoy your motor sport and save the planet at the same time.

    Baby polar bears everywhere are depending on YOU!
  5. Youngbird

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  6. safe

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    It's sad that the most outrageous joke you can imagine isn't all that far off from what is the actual agenda being pursued. :icon_cry:

    What amazes me is that "they" (those perpetrating this agenda) got this far before they were discovered. I think in part most of us dismissed as a "joke" the people involved and never imagined that they could ever take power.

    It has the same sort of feel as the "National Socialist" german era... everyone thought Hitler was a "joke" and would never actually gain control, but we've seen in our own case how circumstances can force people into a panic and make decisions they wouldn't make in a more normal clear headed situation.

    My way of dealing with this is to just wait... eventually there will be another round of elections and as it looks now in America things will turn around pretty quickly. After things are better then if new technologies are advanced it won't be so closely connected to this time period. The bottom line is that any business venture related to electric bikes (or other mb's) should be postponed until later. (the economy being only one reason to wait)

    It does take the "wind out of my sails" sometimes... this whole situation...

    (I got into this stuff in 2006 and had never imagined that it would have gone like this)
  7. kerf

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    Who's joking, I've already been out checking the mail box. Nothing yet, too soon I guess.
  8. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

    much more trust in kerf than Al Gorrs program

    much more trust in kerf than Al Gorrs program

    sending you a very large check today

    plant those green THINGS

  9. professor

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    Kerf- that was a good one, but I'm a little light on money right now. Do take GREEN stamps?
  10. kerf

    kerf Guest

    Green Stamps, now there's an oldie but a goodie. Back about 1957 or 58 I had a catalog from the Green Stamp store and had my eye on a Voit mask and pair of fins. I made sure I got the grocery sack with the stamps in it so I could hoard them back to my room and into the books. I got that mask and fins and spent many a day at Gulf Shores with my ill gotten booty. Thanks for the trip back home.
  11. wheelbender6

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    Politicians can turn any well intended program into an ineffective money pit (the dept of energy, for example).
    Meaningful change will have to come from those of us who innovate without the restrictions associated with government funding.
  12. Turtle Tedd

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    Kerf..The Turtle wants a piece of that action..I can provide framed pictures of smiling polar bears along with a certified framed thank you letter from Mother Nature
  13. fasteddy

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    Tedd, my ribs hurt and I'm cleaning off the screen. One of your best.

  14. kerf

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    This land is filled with SIMPLE people burdened with eco guilt. It is our duty to help these SIMPLE people and lift that burden from their shoulders and yes I believe there's enough rubes, er ugh, Simple people to go around.
  15. ibdennyak

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    This is some funny stuff. I feel a political movement coing on. Kerf for Prez in 2012. I'll have to dust off my button machine.

    Can an MB be made bullet proof?:idea:
  16. AussieJester

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    Nope not in the least, I don't use electric because its "green" I use it because it produces impressive torque & its bad *** :biggrin:

  17. ibdennyak

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    Bout the same here I guess. My second attempt at an MB was electric, only because it looked to be more practical, easier, and less costly than my first attempt. The fact that it was "green" was strictly an after thought to help justify it. Far as that goes, electric is "greener" only if the electricity is produced by solar, hydro, wind, or possibly nucleur means. Actually, for me, MB's in general are fueled by the general practicality as alternate transportation.....less fuel (expense) smaller (congestion) etc. To me, that would define green rather than the carbon footprint yada yada definition that is generally accepted. Do I feel guiilt for being criticized for riding? no. Would I feel like a bad person if I were ticketed or arrested for riding one? Again, no

    Actually, I kind of liked Kerf's point of view in another post, where he states that he needs forests because he needs the wood to make cabinets, and for a place to raise "cute and furry creatures" to shoot. Almost sounds like Mrs.Kerf's name should be Fiona, and Kerf should be Shrek. :grin5: Come to think of it....Shrek was green...literally.......:devilish:
  18. safe

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    You guys have confused the truth somewhat.

    One doesn't contemplate their "guilt" for owning the vehicle and wanting to ride it. The "guilt" is by association with the worldwide agenda to control everyone through some sort of Cap and Trade set of rules.

    We are in the same position as the Nazi Scientists in that our technological quest is "innocent" (love of science) but the effect of our work is to feed an evil system.

    Ideally the best thing would be to do a "Schindler's List" tactic and somehow get access to corrupt federal money and then find ways to subvert the "Going Green" agenda by how you spend it. (wasting it or redirecting it to something else)

    What we need is to figure out how to bring down this evil agenda... but at the same time have a future that we want to live in. (the goal isn't simple anarchy for instance) We need a "smooth operator" personality who can penetrate the inner circles of power and get the corrupt money somehow and redirect it so as to defeat the system.

    The genius of Schindler is that he never produced anything that actually was usable for the agenda of the system he was in. In effect he never delivered a product that helped the system.

    One of the easiest ways to fight is just to wait and do nothing... passive resistance is a powerful way to bring it down. We should do everything possible to get any kind of "Going Green" projects postponed, delayed, etc so that nothing ever comes of it until the political climate changes.

    I think we need to be thinking of ways (strategies) to actually bring down the system as quickly as possible and to prevent the growth of the agenda whenever possible.
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  19. arceeguy

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    I've been buying carbonated drinks and burying them in the backyard to do my part in reducing CO2. (a deadly poison according to the EPA)

    I figure Coca Cola and Pepsi are the larges carbon sequestering companies in the world. The problem is that everyone is letting out all the carbon they sequestor. Buy it, don't drink it. Just bury it. The plastic or aluminum containers should last decades, or at least until the "scientists" admit it is all a hoax to keep the million dollar grants for climate research studies.
  20. kerf

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    Excuse me Safe, lets be careful what we say. I'm trying to run a business here, that depends on the illogical guilt of the "greenies". Lets try not to enlighten them too much, at least not while there's anything left in their pockets.

    What say you, Mr. Vice President (wink).