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    I wrote this several days ago with my intentions fresh in my mind and a belly full of jet fuel strength Starbucks coffee, so excuse me if its a little frenzied seeming.

    "So as I write this I am still waiting for 'approval of a moderator' of my introduction post, so I can get this posted as these questions having been burning in my mind now for a week.
    So I recently had a POS 12 speed mountain bike that was actually a 6speed due to the crank sprocket derailer being smashed, so I got the wild notion of mounting a rototiller motor (or a converted vertical shaft motor as seen - here Youtube embedding did not work for some reason, so I have edited it to a hyperlink) so after I found that its possible to use whatever motor I happen to come across (vertical, as well as horizontal) I got to work thinking up a drive system to utilize the stock 6 gears on the rear wheel.
    Though the bike was stolen from me April 21st due to my stupidity not forking over some cash for a chain and lock, I will need to get another bike but thats no problem - craigslist FTW
    I see a nice Predator for $100 thats an estimated $130-$160 motor bike minus the price of my intended drive train fabrication.

    The nitty gritty!
    So If I have a counterclockwise motor rotation from lefthand side view of the theoretical bike with the motor mounted to the frame what I'd like to have is a Vbelt pully (2 1/2"? 3"???) like what you'd see on the alternator of a 50's - 80's american made road car (maybe a double like this, the other to run to an alternator for power generation; lights, radio w/ battery {would balance out the motor's weight on the right hand side of the bike too})
    Then to the seat post portion of the frame, another of the same pulleys somehow set up as a tensioner, like on a serpentine belt system (swing arm style) with a lever attached, maybe ratcheted, maybe spring loaded - I dunno yet - I suppose either way its just the swing action that is important. then - and here's big question (1) of 2, will a typical V belt pulley from a power steering pump be like a gear reduction? In my mind I see this being a 6" - 10" pulley being mounted straight to the left hand side of the pedal crank - see where I'm going with this? rotational force from motor, naturalized with lever in "neutral" position, lever pushed/pulled, compensate resistance on motor with "hitting the gas" - just like with a car/truck/motorcycle - simple clutch, right??!?! yes, yes I know I will go through belts, but I'm sure I can find a sweet spot with off the line acceleration and belt conservation engagement tactics over a time.
    And yes if your thinking I aim to eliminate the pedals all together, yes I am - to **** with pedaling, why would I put a motor on a bike only to have pedals to complicate design and have to find ways to make them usable/usefull - or just vestigical and a danger to my legs and feet, and if this brings up questions of law and "looking legit" I don't care, I am revoked till 2021 and am a habitual offender, but I intend to decal the motor as "49cc" and will deny larger size or capable speeds greater than 25mph till I'm blue in the face.
    Moving along . . .
    Now with proper chain oiling and "letting off the gas" during gear change both up and down (i.e., 1st to 2nd . . . 6th to 4th and everywhere in between) can I expect to (and this is coupled with the Question of gear reduction at the Vbelt pully array) have a shot in **** of preserving the chain and derailer +/- wheel and derailer bearings?!?!??!?!
    Will this work? Or will I just creep forward and choke on a fast growing cloud of rubber smoke? Will I shatter bearings and collapse derailers? will I even have a half a chance in **** in this being something feasible??!?
    I am on a budget, I currently make less than $10 p/h and work an average of 23 hours a week, I am however very mechanically inclined and resourceful ( my dad works at Cunningham MFGco - a hydraulic cylinder machine shop with CNC's, Lathes, drill presses and all other manner of heavy machinery for producing of mechanical things within microns - but I plan on using only nuts and bolts from the hardware store, salvaged car engine parts, a miliwalkie corded drill and some angle iron/steel (for things like frame reinforcement and extra motor mounting brackets.
    I imagine that a human can exert a force on a bike crank of somewhere around 100 foot lbs of torque putting the drive parts at a rating slightly higher than that, I know that with proper gear reduction ratio my idea WILL work - but it would be saddening if the motor still put so much torque on the bikes drive train as to destroy it and endanger my nether regions ::75:

    Also any Ideas on how to make all this work out on a 2 piece rear suspension frame?"

    So thats what I wrote up the other day, now I HAVE searched alot and have found alot of info about my plans though I am posting this anyways because the info I did find was spread far across this forums various boards - this way "the whole picture" is under one header and it will give me a good idea as to how well this may or may not work out with some comprehensive replies and or criticism.
    Thanks ya'll.
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    *Groan* Don't care - let me reiterate I don't care about law, and for anyone else wanting to tell me about laws this is more so about can I rather than should I (and not "can I" from the legal standpoint, but from the engineering standpoint) not to sound rude Richard but please understand how your reply is irritating and pointless.
    Thank you anyway for the attempt at informing me as of the potential jeapordy of my freedom and court related well-being.