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    Many of you might not know this- you can purchase ANY bike WallyWorld carrys over the internet. Go to their website, go to sports & bikes, go to adult then to cruiser- there are SIX flavors of Cranbrick there. They are all the same frame with different paint jobs and options- one is even a 24" wheel operation with a smaller frame but all the same hardware. That one is in boy's bicycles and is a dead ringer for the blue and cream done in burgendy, ideal for late grade schoolers, small adults and those who like minis. Next up the list is the Cranbrook College with green fenders and chainguard on a dark grey frame. Then there's the 'Kareoke' (Japanese for 'tone deaf') which sports an amplifier for your digital music box (moaurial, no volume control except what you plug into it, requires 9v battery). Then of course, the blue and cream wonder we all know and love. Next up is the Del Lusso (Russo?) with it's welded on backrack and clamp on drink holder in brown and tan, a very strikeing machine. Finally you have the Panama Jack- same back rack, drink holder, plus a ditty bag for sun shades and tanning lotion (and condomes) as well as the ONE accessory NOBODY could possibly do without- a chrome bottle opener bolted to the right leg of the forks! I kid you not! This is the ultimate party bike!
    Now, my six machines that I ordered came with one college with a bashed rear fender and a bum spoke (no threads) on the back wheel of one of the Panama Jacks. I called Huffy and explained the situation- they sent me a new green fender and the whole rear wheel for the Jack! Talk about service!!!
    Currently still grinding out sprocket mounts, haven't popped any shots. Seems to be electrical issues with these motors, and I suspect I know what it is- our old friend the bare ground wire off the magneto coil. Will attack shortly with soldering iron. One Panama Jack is assembled, just the motor is operating in bursts only.
    the Old Sgt.

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    Any department store bike should be brought to an accommodating bike shop for initial setup. The folks who build up department store bikes out of the box (or container) are paid by the piece at a rate that does not allow them to do an adequate job of setup and adjustment.

    If you can get a Wally World bike still in the box (as when you buy online) then that's a better deal. At least no damage will have been done by a hurried and unqualified mechanic.

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    Excellent point there Chalo- I got mine in the box.
    The Old Sgt.
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    the time and the effort

    Wally world bikes can be assembled and made to work correctly but, its a mater of time and effort. Once a bicycle is originally assembled and all the bearing surfaces and spokes are brought into alignment there is a mechanical property referred to as creep. This usually happens after the bicycle has been ridden for about 50 miles. After this is done, it is essential that you go after those adjustable bearings and spokes and readjust them. after this is been accomplished the bike is usually stable for a long period of time and barring any unforeseen accident should go many many miles without a problem. Unfortunately if you do not adjust these parts at this critical time the bicycle in most cases will tear itself to pieces.

    This is the reason I always gave new bikes that I sold 90 days free service. Plus two free tune-ups' one after 30 days the other after 16 to 90 days( depending on how much the bike was ridden).I never made money on the bicycle itself, but I sold a lot of saddles and other accessories. I also got to know my customers better and I tried to help him with what they were trying to do with their bicycles.

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    I don't recall if it was mentioned or not...Order online, PU at store, NO shipping charge.