More attentive while riding an MB??


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1:47 AM
Aug 7, 2008
Columbia, SC
I have the Schwinn Searcher 66cc HT that I finished about two weeks ago and have been doing many many short runs with breaking her in slowly...

Well, I had off Tuesday so I decided to take her for her first long ride around northeast Columbia and push her a little harder.

In all, I rode 27 miles with a short break in between. I kept her about 15 - 17 miles an hour and she did not let me down. I packed a small toolkit before I left just incase!

I am scared to death of the chain popping and locking up the back wheel, but these thoughts are slowly going away the more I ride.

It was so relaxing just cruising around and enjoying the ride. I do notice one thing riding the MB.... I find myself much more aware of my surroundings and what is going on.

Anyone else find themselves alot more attentive on a MB versus riding a bicycle?


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11:47 PM
Jun 15, 2008
up top mountain -- Sourthern Ca.
yes - more attentive - may be because we are not pedalling
it seems to make it easier - to look around and smell the roses

it's a smooth glide with that little engine just a humming

probably don't need to worry too much about the chain coming off
as long as everything is lined up straight -- and not too loose

Ride That Thing - Mountainman


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12:47 AM
Mar 23, 2008
central illinois
Yes, I'm more attentive. Partly because of car traffic. On a pedal bicycle I'm paying attention when I'm in traffic situations. On a motor assisted bicycle I'm in those situations a bit more of the time.

Just wait until you are using it as a commuter. Your co-workers will have to walk to their cars, climb in (aching back) and go sit in line at the red light. And the one after that. and after that, and so on. (it's true that we have to wait at those red lights as well, but it's a lot more enjoyable) You'll be breathing deeply and enjoying your ride home. The world will simply seem more attractive. And this means that you're paying more attention, too. Not if the safety sense, but in the sense of just liking what you are doing. Even in bad weather (with proper clothes) it's better than being in the auto rat race.

Have fun.