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    I am a newbie and decided to join today because my frustration level with my chain couldn't get any higher. I just recently bought a kings motor bike "80cc" and everything was well but the chain was starting to stretch a bit. I decided to take my grinder pop the teats of one link and magically my chain is 2 links short. No big deal I to be a somewhat normal chain right? My goodness I have been to Lowes, Homedepot, every parts store in town, a specialty ATV fun sports store etc. I've tried the 415 master link ( double master link because of my error) and it pops on the tensioner everytime. I have tried the metric 08 b1 and I have tried plain single speed bike chain. You guys are the pros please help me out. I know the suppliers don't want us to know this stuff so they can charge 8$ for a master link or 25for a new any help would be appreciated
    Thank you,

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    Hi Hank on the top of the page upper right is the search bar...type in anyword for search and it will bring up all the posts with that word in it so keep it short...try this and there will be others that come by to help... hope this helps some? good luck
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    Word to the wise- when removing links, don't grind the pin. Just drive it out with a small nailset or punch. If you need to replace it, just drive the pin back in and peen the end. It will hold fine.

    As for the 415, it is an oddball- some small engine shops may be able to order it, but none I know of stocks it. The bike engine vendors carry them pretty reasonably. Some people here have used BMX chain to replace the 415. Look here for more guidance:
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    OK... The 415 regular is too wide and the 415H ( bmx freestyle chain) wont fit on the drive sprocket. Am I the only one who has encountered this problem?
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    Chain problems

    please help I went 6mo no problem since then I can not keep my chain on and when it pops it gets caught up in the wheel causing an immediate stop and very dangerous, I never know how to post on this site, but anyone with info please email me at Tips to make chain work or problems to look for. tensioner sometimes gets for into spokes.why I dont know cahin is definetly not aliegned with moter and sprocket.
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    You just answered your problem right there. Your mounts or your wheel needs to be adjusted... it should be fairly easy if you just stare at it.
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    A KMC K910 Kool Chain(Xtreme Freestyle) fits HT sprockets PERFECTLY.
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    OK let me reiterate that I have tried the 415 (too wide pops on tensioner wheel) the 415H ( BMX and the "KMC K910 Kool ChainXtreme Freestyle" ) and nothing will clear the drive sprocket. There is a 1mm difference between inside roller to roller and I'll be ****ed if that isn't stopping me. I appreciate the help here but it seems I have a 1 of 1 sprocket set. How ridiculous is this!
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    who did you buy the engine they sell chains?
    I have seen 2 different width drive sprockets, but the bmx fit the narrow, and the wide fit the thick one

    (Dax sells 2 different sizes I believe)
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    Hey guys,

    I bought the kit form kings motor sports...
    I wanted to let you know that I have tried almost every avenue to get this fixed but someone suggested that I go master linkless. I had some old links from my initial sizing and did some work with a chain breaker and managed to put the extra links back on without using the master. I am now going to just buy the "inflated" parts from the supplier, it's not worth the hassle. Thanks to everyone who has tried to help and to those who even took a peek to try.

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    This is the chain that will solve your problem. Fetor got me on to this chain and it's certianly bullet proof.
    You need to buy 2 sets ( try doing a deal on 3). Keep 1 chain to add links on the bike chain because it's a few links short.
    Also, get some wet&dry or a fine file and go thru the sprocket teeth one by one and take off the burrs, cos the sprockets are made by a press, I don't think they do any tlc on them so the chains can mesh nicely.

    All the Best


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    I need a 415 master link and was searching online and one supplier sells the masterlink for $4 plus $10 shipping! I could mail a masterlink myself for less than $1.00 to anywhere in the USA. Freakin' shame.
  13. chuck1980

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    Wow, I decided to just pay thatsdax 4.95 for a link (more than any other that I found) thinking he wouldn't get me on the shipping, but he wants $9.00 shipping!!! I give up. Guess I'll never get this bike rolling.
  14. Enough already

    I got the Kingsport 80cc as well. And in my naiveness, I didn't know that a link is actually in two parts. So I used the grind method and cut it on the outside link, which was wrong. Now I am a half a link short. I have tried to find the chains mentioned as well. But if it comes down to it, King's has them for sale for $20.00 + $5.00 shipping. Very worthwhile investment if needed to have my bike back in action.

    FYI - the box says DH 083 and then it also has a 50 on it in a different location.
    Don't know if that helps or not.

    So call them at:


    By phone: 305- 807-6825

    From Monday to Friday 10:00am to 5:30pm (Eastern time

    and get your bike back on the road.

    You will make up the cost of the chain in gas in less than one tank.


    Troy Fitz.
  15. chuck1980

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    I've never found the strength of the original Chinese chain the problem. It would take one heck of a force to break one. It's the problem of finding a master link. Finally ordered some online but got charged $12.00 for shipping and the entire box weighed 5 oz. I guess getting ripped a new one on shipping is a game they all play and there's no way around it if you need something.
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    Chuck, I don't know, perhaps you are used to dealing with non-profits or something. Myself, I'm not a vendor, but I do make about $25 an hour. If I was to take 15 minutes to deal with a product for someone, that would mean that I need to generate enough money to allow my boss to pay me approx. $6, + taxes, + insurance, + overhead. Just because you have free time, that doesn't mean that everyone's time is free.
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    I like the time quotes...

    "Just because you have free time doesn't mean that everyone's time is free." ~Alaskavan

    "The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time." ~Bertrand Russell

    "Time is what prevents everything from happening at once." ~John Archibald Wheeler

    "But what minutes! Count them by sensation, and not by calendars, and each moment is a day." ~Benjamin Disraeli

    OK, enough off-topic...
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    The answer to the chain woes has already been posted by Fetor and myself way back on this thread.
    But you need to buy 2 boxes and a chain breaker cos it's a bit short so to add the required amount of links from 1 of the new chains alone.
    It's made for BMX
    You actually buy 3, 2 ya gonna use on motoredbike/s and 1 is for adding links that you keep for future use.
    If you buy 3 or more, you should be able to ask for a discount.

    By typing in Google: K910 KOOL CHAIN, the following link, and many others, has details of this particular chain.
    So they ARE available anywhere if you take the time to do a proper search.

    For the sake of details on this particular chain, here is a link with the specs.

    And if the link don't work, the specs say:

    And if you want to get to the nitty gritty science of the bloomin chain matter,
    here is a link on a details how a chanin is measured
    Scroll down on this link to a heading that says;
    Chain Strength & Dimensions

    That's it about chains from me.

    Sparky, good quotes, my fav is
    Time is on my side ( by The R Stones)
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    Since this bike forum is generally unfriendly toward people, including the working guy like me, I was wondering how long it would take to get a nasty reply and sure enough, as soon as you posted, some of your fellow buds got the nerve up and chimed in. Sorry, I don't make $25 an hour. I make less than $8. You can justify a $10 or $12 shipping charge on something the size of your thumbnail that you could ship to anywhere in North America for less than 2 bucks all you want, but to me, it's still a ripoff if you have to gouge people on shipping charges to make your money. I've ordered go-kart parts from a fine go-kart supplier in Louisiana that charges $7.50 shipping and I've ordered engine plates and clutches, which can really add up on the weight. Using UPS, I doubt they made a penny on the shipping. They know how to operate a business and make a profit without gouging people. I've ordered garden seeds from California. Seeds weigh nothing. They charged me $4.50 shipping. They used Priority Mail and it cost them $4.50. These are examples of companies with fair shipping. Maybe the ones charging $10 or more to ship a masterlink could learn a few things about doing business from these people. I'd think adding 900% to 1000% to the price of an item for "overhead" would indicate you need to trim some fat.
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    Wow, you sound like you really know all about me and how much "free time" I have. Do you work 24 hours a day and never have a moment of free time? You don't go home in the evenings? Maybe since you make $25 an hour, you just pay someone to reply to posts here?