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    Just saw the 24" wheel Cranny at WM today- cranberry and cream in colour, JUST enough room for the HT mill- now I need to do the math as to what sprocket will bring it up to speed with the big ones. There are a few minature adults around here that might find it a bit more comfortable than the full-sized... to say nothing of the fact that while it is as sturdy as the big ones, it WEIGHS LESS and should be correspondingly more efficiant. Do the tank in cranberry and cream to match and you ought to have a sweet looking rig.
    the Old Sgt.
    PS- less than $90:idea:

  2. motorpsycho

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    Not sure if this will be much help,
    But on my o.c.c. chopper, the rear wheel(including the tire )is 24" tall.
    I'm running a 41 tooth sprocket and i can get about 32 mph out of it.
    I think a 41 tooth would work good on the 24" rim because your rim would be 24" plus the tire height would probably make almost 26" tall total.
    normally people run the 44 tooth on a 26" rim, plus the tire height which would add another inch or 2 to the overall height.
    tire height and wheel diameter have a lot to do with the overall gear ratio.
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    Correct on the O.C.C. fat rear tire size.

    On normal bicycle tires---- 24" is the overall tire height.
    (24" rim size= 507mm or 19.96")
    The same goes for 26" tires. Scroll down to the sizing charts.

    Car, truck & motorcycle tires are sized at rim (wheel) size.
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    41 tooth? I think I've seen those avaliable at King's, right? Or was that Spookytooth? Well, SOMEBODY makes them...
  5. motorpsycho

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    one of my kits came with a 41 tooth, and i also bought a 41 tooth from bgf.