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    It is beginning to seem like dreaming is all I'm ever gonna get to do, insofar as building a bike and setting it up as I'd like. Medical costs are eating me alive.

    That said, if I can't ride a creation of my own yet on the roads, I can do so in my mind, and keep designing bikes. I'm stuck in the house pretty much full time anyway, I despise television and my eys have gotten bad enough that reading gives me a headache pretty quickly anymore - so I am on my computer drawing bicycles in SketchUp.

    Attached are a couple of fairly closeup detail views of a semi-recumbent delta trike design I've worked up, with intentions of eventually motoring it with an outrunner type electric drive system. As shown, the yellow translucency represents the primary chain loop plane from the crank to an NV cvt mid-drive, the aqua translucency the chain loop from the NV to a "5th member" 3-speed Shimano geared hub . That hub is intended to have sprockets mounted via the spoke holes in the flange to drive a pair of final drive chains (red translucency). The drive half-axles are intended to have a freewheel at the sprocket mounts, so that the combination of the secondary (Shimano) hub and the freewheels will act, in effect, as a limited slip three-speed range differential.

    As pictured, rear wheels are designed to be 26" with 24 inches between their inner rim edges, seat height will be a nominal 16" above ground with an 11" stepover height for the top tube. Wheelbase is 43", CoG with me on board would be approximately rear axle heighth - 13". Seat and fork rake is 30 degrees.

    I really, really want to build some of these designs, and come he11 or high water I intend to find a way. I put these up to invite comment, suggestions, point out errors I've made, etc.

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